Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and the U.K. are the countries chosen for the major events.

The official PUBG Mobile esports circuit for 2024 was announced on Dec. 8. The announcement also noted that the U.K. will host the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) next year. The announcement was made by James Yang, who is the director of PUBG Mobile Esports Global.

PUBG Mobile esports circuit in 2024

PUBG Mobile's competitive structure will be divided into four tiers. In the lowest tier will be the regional leagues and third-party events. Tier 3 will feature the PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC), which will be a smaller but important event at a regional level.

In this tier, we will also have qualifiers for the PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL), which will replace the old PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL). According to the announcement, this tier will connect amateur, semi-pro, and PMSL players.

Meanwhile, Tier 2 will just be the PMSL offline leagues in four regions: EMEA, Central and South Asia (CSA), Southeast Asia (SEA), and the Americas. SEA's PMSL will have three seasons, while the rest will have only two.

PUBG Mobile 2024 competitions (Image via PUBG Mobile Esports on X)
PUBG Mobile 2024 competitions (Image via PUBG Mobile Esports on X)

Global events

The 2024 PUBG Mobile esports circuit will have three major events throughout the year. These will be called "Global Events." This will also be Tier 1 events, which will include the following: PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO), Mid Season, and the PMGC.

PMGO will be in Brazil in March and April and will feature a $500,000 prize pool. The Mid Season will be in Riyadh and happen in July. The prize pool for the tournament in Saudi Arabia will be $3 million.

Finally, PMGC will close the season and feature a prize pool of $3 million. The competition will start in November and run until December, similar to the current edition. U.K. will host PMGC, but the exact location has yet to be revealed.

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