PUBG Mobile Esports to follow new points system in 2023: What does it mean? cover image

PUBG Mobile Esports to follow new points system in 2023: What does it mean?

The new year for PUBG Mobile esports in 2023 has ushered in a new points system. But what does it mean for the teams?

PUBG Mobile has announced some of the details for the 2023 esports season. One of the biggest changes in the upcoming year is to the points system. After following the same points system for three years, a major change is being made to it which will affect the entire meta this year.

PUBG Mobile Esports in 2023 to follow a new points system

The new points system for PUBG Mobile esports in 2023 is as follows:

The exact nuances of the new points system will only be felt after a few tournaments happen. However, one thing is clear about it: Tencent is looking to prioritize kills even more starting 2023.

The placement points have been decreased across the board. With the kill points remaining at one per kill, teams will be looking to prioritize kills even more under the new system.

Thus, fans are in for a treat throughout games as teams will become more aggressive and look to secure kills in the early game as well.

However, there is a catch under the new points system. While kills have become very rewarding, getting first place is equally enriching.

The first place will reward with 10 points. This doubles the points awarded to the second place (six). Thus, at the end of the game teams will be looking to secure the Chicken Dinner as well besides just going blindly for kills.

Overall, the new system looks to be a positive change for PUBG Mobile esports. Tencent has ensured that teams become much more aggressive to give fans continuous action throughout games.

One downside of the new points system, though, is the lesser reliance on the positioning. PUBG Mobile esports in 2023 will be more about aggressiveness and gunplay and lesser about positioning and effective rotations. While these will remain important, they won’t be as rewarding for the teams who like to play more passively and pick up kills in the late game.

PMGC and PMWI to return as LAN events in 2023

While the points system is an exciting change to PUBG Mobile esports in 2023, there’s plenty of action happening across the year to keep players engaged.

Tencent has confirmed the return of the World Invitational (PMWI) and the Global Championship (PMGC) in 2023. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will again in July be home to the PMWI 2023.

The PMGC, on the other hand, is headed to a new country for the first time. Turkey will play host to the grand competition in November and December 2023. What makes this event even more exciting is that S2G Esports from Turkey, who won the PMGC 2022, will have a chance to defend their title at home.

Besides this, several other cross-regional tournaments like the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia, the 19th Asian Games in China, and PUBG Mobile Regional Clashes (PMRC) will happen across the year.