PUBG Mobile esports 2.0 brings structural changes and more stability in 2022 cover image

PUBG Mobile esports 2.0 brings structural changes and more stability in 2022


Tencent’s Director of esports, James Yang, lays out the plan for PUBG Mobile’s esports scene in 2022.

PUBG Mobile has unveiled changes coming to the esports scene with the addition of new regions for 2022. PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) will also move ahead with one-year cycle instead of seasonal relegations providing stability for esports orgs to invest in the game.
James Yang, Tencent Director of esports unveiled changes coming to PUBG Mobile’s esports scene in 2022. Titled PUBG Mobile esports 2.0, the new system focuses on strengthening the grass-roots foundation of the game.
As part of this strengthening, PUBG Mobile will add new regions across the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) and the PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) providing a significant competitive shift. 
“2021 was an extraordinary year for us, continuing with the expansion of our amateur to pro ecosystem, and being able to offer one of the highest prize pools in mobile esports history to competing teams,” said James Yang, Director of PUBG MOBILE Global Esports. “In 2022, we want to continue highlighting our amazing teams and players, and showcase the talent PUBG MOBILE has brought to the mobile esports scene. Looking ahead, there’s a lot to be excited for with new tournaments and regions joining us. I couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead.”

What are the changes coming to PMPL?

PMPL will now feature a 1-year cycle instead of seasonal relegation. Having a one-year cycle allows esports organizations to invest in their rosters for an entire year. This allows them the stability necessary to justify an investment in PUBG Mobile esports.
The EMEA and MENA regions are now classified as Europe, South Asia, the Middle east and Africa. PMPL Africa and PMPL Pakistan are the two new regions added this year.

What are the changes coming to PMCO?

PMCO sees a significant shift with a heavier focus on the grass-roots competition. Switching to regional amateur and semi-pro competitions with PMCO South America, PMCO Europe, PMCO Middle East and PMCO Asia, PMCO now forms the gateway to the esports ecosystem. PMCO teams no longer qualify directly to PMPL but instead will have to go through the PMNC in order to reach the PMPL in 2023.

An overview of the PUBG esports ecosystem

Previously, players and teams were often confused about the hierarchy of the various PUBG esports competitions. The organizers have now provided a clear path to PMGC, which remains the pinnacle of the PUBG esports ecosystem. PUBG Mobile esports 2.0 will be an important step for the game as it aims top make PUBG Mobile the premier mobile esports in the world.

Esports Schedule - PUBG Mobile

Schedule for PUBG esports in 2022.
Schedule for PUBG esports in 2022.
PUBG Mobile is one of the games to feature at the SEA Games in May and later at the prestigious Asian Games in September. This is a big step ahead for the video games industry and its widespread acceptance. The image above describes the 2022 PUBG Mobile esports schedule with the PMGC 2022 set in November.

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