PUBG Mobile version 2.4 to bring legendary martial artist Bruce Lee to the game cover image

PUBG Mobile version 2.4 to bring legendary martial artist Bruce Lee to the game

PUBG Mobile Version 2.4 is almost here and fans have a reason to get excited as Bruce Lee is all set to join the game.

PUBG Mobile knows how to keep its players engaged with regular content updates and big collaborations. Now, with Version 2.4 of the game almost here, the next partnership has been revealed. The legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee is set to come into the game soon.

The highlight of PUBG Mobile’s current Version 2.3 was the collaboration with Argentine football star Lionel Messi. This really paid off as Argentina went on to win the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Now, PUBG Mobile has set its sight on Bruce Lee. Here's everything we know about the collab.

PUBG Mobile is collaborating with Bruce Lee

While the official Version 2.4 Update will be released later in January, Tencent has been giving fans teasers on what to expect. The biggest of these is the Bruce Lee collaboration.

While little has been revealed yet, Tencent has confirmed that the tie-up with Bruce Lee will bring a “unique collection” of in-game outfits along with other items.

Just like most of the other major collaborations in PUBG Mobile, a new mode is also being introduced into the game. For Bruce Lee, this will be the Martial Showdown. This mode will see the addition of a unique Martial Arena to the map. On top of this, two new weapons in the form of the Explosive Bow and Grappling Hook will be added to the game.

How to unlock the Bruce Lee-themed skins and items?

A major collaboration in PUBG Mobile isn’t complete without some in-game skins and items. Bruce Lee will also be likely coming to the game as a skin.

While Tencent hasn’t revealed the exact details yet, the character skin will likely be available through a Lucky Draw along with other items. Players may have to spend Diamonds to spin the draw and get a chance to unlock Bruce Lee.

Besides this, PUBG Mobile will likely be adding some challenges to the game as a part of the Bruce Lee collaboration. Players will be able to complete these challenges to unlock some of the other items coming to the game.

Tencent has confirmed that it will be revealing more information about PUBG Mobile x Bruce Lee on Jan. 10.

Not the first time Bruce Lee is coming to a mobile game

While Bruce Lee’s appearance in PUBG Mobile is a big deal, this isn’t the first time that the martial artist is punching his way into a mobile game.

In fact, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a character based on Bruce Lee called Chou. Just like him, he is also a martial artist.

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