Nusa brings with it two weapons, a vehicle, a healing pool, super recall feature, and more. Here’s everything you need to know.

PUBG Mobile has released its latest update, patch 2.2, into the game and it has brought a lot of new content to the battle royale title. This includes the game’s latest BR map, Nusa.

Nusa, at just 1×1 kilometers in size, has become the game’s smallest map. Earlier, it used to be Livik which is 2×2 kilometers. Here is everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile’s new map.

Nusa is bringing two new weapons and a vehicle to PUBG Mobile

Besides exploring a new map, players will also get a chance to try out two new weapons in the game. These are the NS2000 Shotgun and Tactical Crossbow.

  • Tactical Crossbow: While the crossbow is already available in PUBG Mobile, the one in Nusa is slightly different. It can shoot a rope that can be used to repair ziplines as well as set buildings on fire with flaming bolts.
  • NS2000 Shotgun: The new shotgun is effective at medium and short-range. When hip firing, it shoots 12 gauge shells. When a player is ADS, it shoots 12 gauge slugs.
PUBG Mobile's Nusa map

Additionally, the new map has brought a brand new vehicle as well. The Quad is a two-seater vehicle that can be used to rotate around Nusa quickly.

New elements to explore in PUBG Mobile

Despite being really small, Nusa offers a lot of new elements for players to explore in PUBG Mobile.

Firstly, there are elevators on some buildings to take players up and down. Be careful, though, as the doors do make for an excellent camping spot.

There is also a pool in Nusa which restores players’ health. The map is scattered with zip lines as well which players can use to go around quickly. Additionally, there are crates in the wilderness that offer different types of loot.

PUBG Mobile's Nusa map

That is not all, though, as Nusa also brings a Super Recall feature. If you are eliminated in the first four minutes of the match and have surviving teammates, you will be able to respawn once more with a random weapon.

This setting is also live in the solo mode where you will respawn automatically.

PUBG Mobile’s second exclusive map

PUBG Mobile's Nusa map

PUBG Mobile mostly has BR maps taken from the game’s PC version, PUBG: Battlegrounds. Nusa, however, has become the second mobile-exclusive map after Livik.

With its release, PUBG Mobile now has six exclusive maps: Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar, Livik, Karakin, and of course, Luna.

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