Lagna – The new Miramar-like map arrives with New State Mobile’s Feb update cover image

Lagna – The new Miramar-like map arrives with New State Mobile’s Feb update

A new and exciting battlefield is here to fight on.

New State Mobile’s February update is almost here and it will introduce Patch 0.9.45 to the game. The most exciting part of the update is a brand new map. The new battlefield, called Lagna, is small in size and offers a different style of action to players. 

Here’s everything you need to know about New State Mobile's February update.

New State Mobile February update adds brand-new Lagna map

Lagna is just 4x4 kilometers in size and just like Akinta will likely house 64 players on the battlefield. On release, it will become the third BR map in New State Mobile after Erangel, Troi, and Akinta. 

The new Lagna map in New State Mobile's February update
The new Lagna map in New State Mobile's February update

Lagna can be compared to Miramar in the original PUBG universe. Krafton has also said that it has designed the map for mid to long-range battles. 

To do this, one big factor in the map is that the four major loot spots, namely Estacion, Plant, Domeno, and Delta are situated on the four corners of the map. This will ensure a more spread-out drop for players from the plane. 

The map has a desert theme to it with minimal vegetation and open areas. There is a lot of elevation, though, which will provide places for mid to long-range battles. The sniper rifle and LMGs will be very handy on the map. 

What’s new in Lagna?

Firstly, Krafton has confirmed that all existing BR rules will apply on the new map with the same firearms. 

However, there will be two new vehicles on it. This includes the Rex pickup trick and the Acton electric quad bike. Besides this, the map also introduces a new mode of transportation to New State Mobile: the cable car. 

In addition to these new vehicles, the older Buggy, Vulture, Waverider, and Aqua Rail are all set to appear in the map as well. 

New State Mobile February update: What else is new? 

As usual, Krafton has made some quality-of-life improvements and balance changes with the new update. These are as follows: 

  • MK4 Mutant’s C2 slot is getting a tracking bullet. When an enemy is hit with this, their location will be revealed to the entire team for 10 seconds. By customizing your bullets, the damage may increase, but the magazine slot will be locked and the recoil control will decrease. 
  • The recoiling motion for the P90 has been increased while it has been reduced for the Mini-14 and SL8. 
  • The Blue Zone damage will now increase when you move further away from the safe zone. This will be a welcome change for aggressive players as it will now dissuade players from engaging in heal battles towards the end of a match.

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