New State Mobile August update: Lynx AMR, Assassin’s Creed collab, and more cover image

New State Mobile August update: Lynx AMR, Assassin’s Creed collab, and more

The new update has introduced a weapon, weapon changes, survivor pass, and much more.

New State Mobile has released its August update with Patch 0.9.37. The new update has introduced a weapon, attachments, Survivor Pass, and even a new map through the New State Labs.

Here’s everything you need to know about New State Mobile’s August update.

Lynx AMR is the latest sniper rifle in New State Mobile -- and it's very powerful

The Lynx AMR is set to be New State Mobile’s strongest sniper rifle when it is released. The weapon will only be available through care packages or the armory in Chester and Troi.

Be resourceful while using it, though, as the weapon comes with only 10 bullets. On top of this, you won’t be able to find additional ammunition anywhere.

The Lynx AMR in action
The Lynx AMR in action

Another unique ability of the Lynx AMR is that it does higher damage to vehicles. It can also penetrate vehicles to damage enemies sitting inside.

The Lynx AMR can only fit scopes. There is no slot for any other attachments.

Assassin’s Creed arrives into New State Mobile with the August update

New State Mobile x Assassin's Creed
New State Mobile x Assassin's Creed

New State Mobile has unveiled its latest collaboration – and this time it's with the action game franchise, Assassin’s Creed.

As a part of this, players will be able to complete missions to unlock exclusive rewards. These rewards include Assassin’s Creed-themed skins, outfits, and more.

New State Labs is here with a new map and mode

Krafton has introduced New State Labs, a separate beta version of the game which allows players to test out upcoming features.

The current New State Lab contains the much-awaited Akinta map. Players will also be able to test out the brand-new Bounty Royale mode.

To enter the Lab, players must use the entry ticket on the New State Mobile redeem code website. The code was revealed in a YouTube video and is NSMLABSBLOBAL77. There are only a limited amount of slots so be quick in redeeming the code.

New State Mobile August Update: Other Changes

  • The S1897 has gotten a new C2 attachment called the Slug. When this is attached, the ammunition changes into slug ammo, which increases the weapon’s damage at the cost of pellet spread.
  • The S12K has also gotten a new attachment in the C2 slot, the Extended Mag. Players will now be able to increase the weapon’s capacity to 20 bullets from five, but the reload speed will be severely affected.
  • A new Survivor Pass has also arrived in New State Mobile’s August update. It comes with Shy-D from the Dream Runners Faction as the premium characters. Players can unlock her by completing the missions.
The new Survivor Pass
The new Survivor Pass
  • Players will now be equipped with level four geat in the deathmatch instead of level three.
  • An issue that caused players to take continuous damage from the Trams has been fixed. Now, players will bounce back when hit by the Tram. This fix doesn’t affect vehicles, though.