Mobile Legends NACT LAN finals: Who will represent NA at the M4? cover image

Mobile Legends NACT LAN finals: Who will represent NA at the M4?

The winner of the Mobile Legends NACT will become the North American representative at the M4 World Championship in Jakarta.

The first LAN event for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports in North America is here. The grand finals of the North America Challenger Tournament (NACT) will take place on Oct. 30 to crown the NA Mobile Legends champion.

There is a lot at stake in the grand finals between The Valley and The Simpsons. Besides the lion’s share of the $14,500 prize pool, the two teams are fighting for the NA’s only slot at the M4 World Championship.

Here is everything you need to know about the Mobile Legends NACT Fall Season Finals.

The Valley vs. The Simpsons: Only one reigns supreme

Image via Moonton
Image via Moonton

Coming into the grand finals, it is obvious who are the favorites and who are the underdogs. The Valley, who have cruised through the upper bracket with a star-studded roster, will be looking to complete their run with a victory at the LAN finals.

The team boasts of FwydChicken, MobaZane, and SHARK who are three players with LAN experience from the M3 World Championship last season.

The Simpsons, on the other hand, may not have the most experienced roster but they have been a force to reckon with in the NACT. The team fell to the lower bracket in the second round of the Mobile Legends NACT. However, this didn’t stop them and since then have cruised through the lower bracket to make it to the grand finals.

Along the way, they even knocked out Ackerman 3-2 in an intense series.

The Simpsons have a lot to prove against the formidable 'The Valley' who are coming into the finals with a lot of confidence. So much so that The Valley’s Hoon had said in an interview with earlier this month that he was already packing his bags for the M4 World Championship.

Mobile Legends NACT Finals: What are the team rosters?

The Valley’s complete roster is:

  • Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl (EXP Lane)
  • Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun (Jungler)
  • Hoon (Mid Lane)
  • Peter Bryce "Basic" Lozano (Gold Lane)
  • SHARK (Roamer)

The Simpsons’ roster, on the other hand, is as follows:

  • Damian (EXP Lane)
  • Promise (Jungler)
  • ColeWorld (Mid Lane)
  • Nate (Gold Lane)
  • Fallen (Roamer)

Who will represent NA in the Mobile Legends M4 World Championship?

The two teams will compete in a best-of-seven series to determine the champion. The winner of the grand finals will walk away with $10,000 while the loser will receive more than three times less at $3,000.

Additionally, the winner of the Mobile Legends NACT will become the North American representative at the M4 World Championship, which will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia from Jan. 1 to 15. Sixteen teams from around the world will make their way to the Southeast Asian country to determine the world champion and fight for a share of the $800,000 prize pool.

Image via Moonton
Image via Moonton

Last year, NA put up a dominant performance at the M3 against even the experienced regions in Mobile Legends esports. The region’s sole representatives were BTK, who most people had expected wouldn’t make it out of the group stage.

The team, however, put up impressive back-to-back performances to finish in third place.

BTK at the M3 World Championship (Photo via Moonton)
BTK at the M3 World Championship (Photo via Moonton)

The BTK roster is now known as The Valley, with two changes. Basic and Hoon have replaced ZIA and Victor ahead of the NACT.

Where to watch the Mobile Legends NACT Grand Finals?

The Mobile Legends NACT Grand Finals is set to take palace at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas, the United States, and will be open to a live audience. The match will begin at 6:30 PM EST.

For fans who aren’t able to attend the venue, they will be able to catch all the action live on Mobile Legends’ YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Trovo channels.

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