MLBB x Kung Fu Panda: 3 skins join the game, here’s how to unlock them cover image

MLBB x Kung Fu Panda: 3 skins join the game, here’s how to unlock them

Play as Kung Fu Panda characters in MLBB with the three new skins.

After collaborating with the likes of Transformers and Sanrio characters in the past, Moonton is back with its latest collaboration in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This time, MLBB is tying it up with fan-favorite media franchise Kung Fu Panda.

The first Kung Fu Panda movie was released in 2008 and since then, the acrobatic panda and his stories have developed into four movies and several short films, animated series as well as video games. Now, the legendary character is set to make an appearance in MLBB.

Three skins to join MLBB as a part of the collaboration

As a part of this unique tie-up, three skins from the Kung Fu Panda franchise will be joining MLBB: the Akai “Kung Fu Panda,” Ling “Lord Shen,” and Thamuz “General Kai.”

Image via Moonton
Image via Moonton

All three heroes’ skins have been completely revamped to resemble their corresponding characters from the Kung Fu Panda franchise. They also have custom actions.

Additionally, some other content has also joined MLBB as a part of the collab:

  • Battle Emotes
  • Recall Effect
  • Spawn Effect
  • Elimination Effect
  • Killing Notification
  • Graffiti
  • Avatar Border
  • New Skill Icons

How to get the MLBB x Kung Fu Panda skins?

Image via Moonton
Image via Moonton

A new draw has appeared in MLBB which players can use to get the skins. The three skins look amazing and, unsurprisingly, they do not come easily. Of them, the Thamuz “General Kai” skin is the easiest to unlock, as he has been guaranteed to be in the first 10 draws.

The other two skins, however, cost 800 Jade Ornaments each. These Jade Ornaments can only be obtained through the draw.

Each draw costs 100 Diamonds while 10 draws come at 1000 Diamonds. Diamonds can only be obtained by spending real money in the game, though. Moonton has discounted the first 10x Draw and first 1x Draws every day until Aug. 26.

Even then, players would need to spend a lot of money to get all three Kung Fu Panda skins in MLBB. Besides the skins, the Jade Ornaments can also be used for other items in the event shop.

If a player has unused Jade Ornaments and Jade Tokens after the event ends, they will be converted into Battle Points. The ratio for the conversion to Battle Points of Jade Ornaments is 1:1 while it’s 1:100 for Jade Tokens.

Kung Fu Panda collaboration drops as a part of Patch 1.7.08

MLBB’s collaboration with Kung Fu Panda has come as a part of Patch 1.7.08, which was released earlier this month. Besides the Kung Fu Panda skins, the main highlight of the update was the new hero named Fredrinn.

Fredrinn is a tank/ fighter who can be unlocked for 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

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