This year’s NEXT patch will introduce a ton of new additions and revamps.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)'s Project NEXT for June 2024 has been revealed! Project NEXT is a type of update for the game that focuses on improving heroes and the overall gameplay. Check out what improvements we'll see for this MLBB NEXT patch 1.8.92 including a new upcoming hero.

MLBB Equipments: New additions and adjustments

MLBB will introduce not only new Equipments but also a new Equipment merge system. In the next MOONTON will introduce three new Equipments. These are Malefic Gun, Wishing Lantern, and Sky Piercer. Here are details about the upcoming Equipments.

  • Malefic Gun - Gains Attack Range [Suitable for Layla, Hanabi, and Irithel]
  • Wishing Lantern - Counter high HP [Suitable for Cyclops, Lylia, and Zhuxin]
  • Sky Piercer - Gets stronger with more kills [Suitable for Karina, Gusion, and Saber]

Adjusted and Reworked Equipments

  • Fleeting Time and Winter Crown given adaptive Attributes
  • Merged Equipments: For example, Blood Axe has been merged into War Axe giving Spell Vamp
  • Revamped Equipments: Thunder Belt, Queen's Wings, Clock of Destiny, and more

New MLBB hero Zhuxin

A new Mage hero will make her Official Server debut very soon! The enigmatic female hero, Zhuxin, will bring unique abilities to the Land of Dawn. The newly-added Wishing Lantern Equipment is also seemingly related to Zhuxin as it comes from her spell kit. Her arrival in MLBB will also include an entire story mode for players to dive into her lore and understand the new character.

Visual makeover for heroes

Three heroes will receive focus for a visual makeover. This visual revamp will add more details on the heroes based on respective lores. MOONTON will also add the Cadia Riverlands aesthetics into the details. The heroes that will receive the visual revamps are:

  • Ling
  • Yin
  • Yu Zhong

Overhauled map and gameplay experience

On top of that, the NEXT update in MLBB will also introduce an entirely revamped map, changing the shade of greens, the shapes of trees, and many more. We'll also see upgraded animations and effects on certain elements like the runes. More UI (User Interface) overhauls are also seen to enhance your gameplay experience such as light effects for every attack command.

That sums up the preview of the upcoming 1.8.92 MLBB NEXT patch. Keep up with more MLBB news and updates on!