The stakes are getting higher.

MOONTON has followed almost the same rank system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) since its release back in 2017. Now, after nearly 20 seasons, a big change is being made to the Mythic Rank in MLBB as it’s getting a complete revamp.

MOONTON said in a designer talk that it’s making certain changes to the raked system to address “some issues with the gameplay experience.” This includes the fairness of the scoring system after reaching the Mythic Rank and the gap between two adjacent ranks in terms of placements.

Thus, the Mythic Rank in MLBB has essentially gotten a complete revamp. The developer has also introduced a new skin reward for players in the game’s highest rank.

MLBB changes Mythic Rank into a star-based system

Before, all ranks except for Mythic followed a star-based system. Each rank was broken into specific stars – which players could reach to advance to the higher rank. However, the Mythic Rank followed a points-based system.


This will no longer be the case as the Mythic Rank in MLBB will also have stars now. MOONTON said that this was being done to make the ranking-up rules easier to understand.

The stars will work similarly to the other ranks but with higher stakes. A win will grant one star while a loss will take one away.

Are you currently in the Mythic Rank and worried about starting all over again with the new system? Don’t worry as MOONTON has got you covered. Your highest score will be carried over to stars with 10 points being worth a single star. This will be calculated after a base deduction of 100 points. Thus, if you have 200 points, this will translate to 10 stars.

Additionally, MOONTON is also addressing the skill difference between the Mythical tiers in MLBB with a new rank. It’s adding the Mythical Honor in between Mythic and Mythical Glory.

On reaching 25 stars, you will advance to Mythical Honor. To reach the coveted Mythical Glory, you will need to accumulate 50 stars.

New Mythic exclusive skin


Players in the Mythic Rank are getting an exciting new feature in the form of a skin. You won’t get this every season, though, as the Mythic exclusive rank skin will be released once a year. On top of this, players will have the final say on which hero the skin will be based on.

On reaching the Mythic Rank in MLBB, you can vote for which hero will get the skin. MOONTON will be selecting six heroes with a high win rate from each class: Marksman, Fighter, Mage, Support, Assassin, and Tank.

After a period, the hero with the most skins will get three draft skin designs. Players can then vote for these designs and the one with the most votes will be released into the game.

The schedule for the Mythic Rank skin in MLBB is as follows:

  • March and April: Hero voting
  • May to June: Skin voting
  • September: Announcement of the final design
  • December: First Mythic skin available

To unlock the Mythic Skin, you will need to exchange it with 40 Mythic Coins. You can get 10 Mythic Coins each season by winning 10 ranked matches.

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