Combine Arlott’s abilities for a deadly attack when he enters the game next month.

There is a new fighter descending into Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Arlott, who many players have already tested through the MLBB Advanced Server, is set to arrive in the game next month as the developer has pulled the curtains on his release date.

MLBB reveals Arlott's release date alongside animated trailer

MLBB has a long list of over 100 heroes, and Arlott is set to expand that in February. MOONTON confirmed that he will be released into the game on Feb. 14.

The developer will also release an animated trailer and theater to welcome the new hero. This will be released on Jan. 24.

While MOONTON hasn’t officially revealed any other information about the fighter yet, all of his abilities were already displayed on the Advanced Server.

The Advanced Server is a special server for select regions that allows players to test out upcoming features. You can read our guide on how to download it.

Arlott skills and abilities revealed

Arlott screenshot (Image via MOONTON)
Arlott screenshot (Image via MOONTON)

Arlott wields two deadly weapons on both hands. These weapons are shaped like spears with one being longer than the other. A quick look at him gives the impression of a fast-moving fighter who can wreak havoc across the battlefield – and that’s exactly who he is.

  • Passive (Demon Gaze): Arlott’s passive marks a demonic eye to nearby enemies every 10 seconds. Marked enemies will have their weaknesses exposed for five seconds. Additionally, his second ability, Vengeance, is guaranteed to critically strike marked enemies.
  • Ability One (Dauntless Strike): When this is used, Arlott will swing his lance forward. This will deal damage to all enemies in an area in front of him and also slow them down.
  • Ability Two (Vengeance): When using Vengeance, Arlott will charge at an enemy and deal damage.
  • Ultimate (Final Slash): Arlott’s ultimate makes him strike out and deal huge damage to enemies in the area in front of him while also pushing them to the edge of its AOE.

Arlott certainly has a unique combination of skills and will excel when they are used in combos. A combination of his second and first abilities provides a great choice for players to ambush enemies or chase a fleeing hero down.

Staying close to team fights to mark enemies with the Demon Gaze passive and then diving in with Vengeance will also be a great combo to do some significant damage.

With MOONTON revealing the release date for Arlott already, MLBB players won’t have to wait long to test him out on the battlefield.

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