You can unlock many exciting rewards in the upcoming M5 Pass including an exclusive Yu Zhong skin!

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) 2023 World Championship, also called the M5, is starting soon! This highly-anticipated competition will also bring the exciting M5 Pass, which players can purchase for many exclusive rewards! But when exactly is the M5 Pass release date?

UPDATE: The M5 Pass is out! Take a look at the M5 Pass below.

A first glance at the M5 Pass.<br>(Screenshot via
A first glance at the M5 Pass.
(Screenshot via

M5 Pass release date

The M5 Pass will be released on November 20th, 2023. This launch takes place three days before the M5 World Championship begins.

Players can enjoy the M5 Pass and spend plenty of time unlocking rewards as the pass runs for more than 40 days. The M5 Pass ends on December 31st, 2023.

How much is the M5 Pass

There are two M5 Pass options that you can go for - the regular M5 Pass or the M5 Pass Plus. You can only purchase these Passes using Diamonds, which is Mobile Legends' in-game currency.

M5 Pass (399 Diamonds)
M5 Pass Plus (699 Diamonds)
Bonus Pass rewards
Bonus Pass rewards
Pass levels +3
Extra Pass levels +2
+399 M5 coin
Extra +300 M5 coin
Yu Zhong's M5 "Dragon Shade" skin
Yu Zhong Common Action
M5 Exclusive Trail Effect

You can purchase the regular M5 Pass for 399 Diamonds. This regular M5 Pass will unlock bonus rewards, +3 Pass levels, and +399 M5 coins. You will also immediately obtain Yu Zhong's M5 "Dragon's Shade" skin.

The M5 Pass Plus, on the other hand, is costlier but gives you more exclusive rewards. With 699 Diamonds, you can get more bonus Pass rewards, Yu Zhong's M5 "Dragon's Shade" skin, extra Pass levels, and M5 coins. You will also get your hands on the "Yu Zhong Common Action" which is exclusive to the M5 Pass. The M5 Pass Plus will also reward you with the M5 Exclusive Trail Effect!

What is in the M5 Pass?

You can get Yu Zhong skins in the M5 Pass.<br>(Image via Moonton)
You can get Yu Zhong skins in the M5 Pass.
(Image via Moonton)

By leveling up your M5 Pass, you can obtain many exciting in-game rewards. Here are the exclusive skins, effects, emotes, and more that you can unlock from the pass:

  • M5 Yu Zhong Prime Skin 
  • M5 Battle Effects 
  • M5 Avatar Border 
  • M5 Trail Effect 
  • M5 Graffiti
  • M5 Exclusive Emotes 
  • Yu Zhong Sacred Statue 
  • M5 Battle Effect

If you manage to get your pass to the maximum level, you will be awarded a Yu Zhong figurine delivered right to your doorstep!

By reaching maximum level on the M5 Pass, you can get a real life Yu Zhong figurine!<br>(Image via Moonton)
By reaching maximum level on the M5 Pass, you can get a real life Yu Zhong figurine!
(Image via Moonton)

So get your wallets ready and prepare for an exciting M5 season! Stay tuned to for more Mobile Legends news and M5 coverage.

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