Influence Rage crowned winners of the PMPL Americas Championship Spring 2022 cover image

Influence Rage crowned winners of the PMPL Americas Championship Spring 2022

A thrilling PMPL Americas Championship has come to an end with Influence Rage winning by just two points.

Influence Rage have been crowned the champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Americas Championship Spring 2022 after a thrilling 24 matches. Coming in as Brazil’s second-seeds, the team put up a dominant performance across all four days to take the trophy home. The tournament's MVP had an impressive 55 kills and a survival time of 19 minutes 45 seconds.

A very close competition 

On the final day, three teams: Influence Rage, Alpha7 Esports and Nova Esports, had built up a lead over the rest of the table. The competition for the trophy was intense.

With Influence Rage getting a second-place finish in the 23rd game with nine kills, they had a comfortable lead of 15 points going into the last match on Miramar. Alpha7 and Nova didn’t falter, though, and put up spectacular performances to get the first and second places, respectively. This wasn’t enough to push Influence Rage off the top of the table though, as a fifth-place finish with two kills saw them win the PMPL Americas Championship Spring 2022. 

Influence Rage won the PMPL Americas Championship Spring 2022.
Influence Rage won the PMPL Americas Championship Spring 2022.

The first-place finish for Influence Rage means redemption for them after they failed to qualify for the previous edition in late 2021. Their overall stats for the tournament are as follows: 

  • Average Damage: 1154
  • Average Eliminations: 5.79
  • The average placement: Seventh
  • Average Survival Time: 21 minutes and 23 seconds

Overall Standings of the PMPL Americas Championship

The PMPL Americas Championship had a total prize pool of $150,000. The points and prize pool breakdown are as follows:

  1. Influence Rage: 275 points ($23,000)
  2. Alpha7 Esports: 273 points ($18,000)
  3. Nova Esports NA: 268 points ($14,000)
  4. Honored Souls: 214 points ($11,000)
  5. Knights: 209 points ($9,000)
  6. Golden Eagles Esports: 201 points (9,000)
  7. Keyd Stars: 199 points ($7,500)
  8. Buluc Chabtan: 163 points ($7,500)
  9. XSET: 159 points ($6,500)
  10. Loops: 154 points ($6,500)
  11. Mezexis Esport: 152 points ($6,500)
  12. Aton Esports: 150 points ($6,500)
  13. All Glory Gaming: 145 points ($6,000)
  14. INTZ: 114 points ($6,000)
  15. The Chosen NA: 109 points ($6,000)
  16. Boring Protocol: 87 points ($6,000)

PMPL Americas Championship Spring 2022 MVP

Influence Rage’s LilBoy was adjourned as the MVP of the tournament for picking up 55 kills with damage of 9,062. He had an average survival time of 19 minutes and 45 seconds. 

What’s next after the PMPL Americas Championship Spring 2022

According to PUBG Mobile Esports in 2022 roadmap, the top regional championship teams will advance to a mid-season championship. Tencent still hasn’t revealed the details for this championship, although it recently announced that the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) will be returning this year. 

Likely, Influence Rage or the top teams from the PMPL Americas Championship will be invited to the PMWI. Tencent hasn’t revealed any details for it other than Sony Xperia being the smartphone partner. The company had said that more information will be coming in June. 

Last year, the PMWI took place online and across two divisions, East and West, to reduce ping differences between teams from around the world. It was held in collaboration with charity organization Gamers Without Borders and each region had a charity prize pool of $1.5 million. The teams could donate the money to a charity of their choice.

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