The lion’s share of $200,000 is at stake.

It's mobile esports galore this weekend! In addition to the Call of Duty: Mobile (CoD Mobile) tournament, the Snapdragon Pro Series Mobile Masters (SPS Mobile Masters) Year 2 event also features the best of the best in Free Fire esports. Read on for the full Free Fire SPS Mobile Masters 2024 schedule, format, prize pool, teams, and links to where to catch all of the action!

Free Fire SPS Mobile Masters 2024: Schedule, format, and prize pool

The Free Fire tournament for SPS Mobile Masters Year 2 kicks off on April 13 at 5:20 p.m. BRT. It's a live, in-person event taking place at the Komplexo Tempo venue in São Paulo, Brazil. Four best-of-one (Bo1) matches are slated for Day 1 before eight more matches on Day 2. The goal? It's the lion's share of the $200,000 prize pool!

Start Time
End Time
Saturday, April 13, 2024 (Bo1 Games)7:20 p.m. BRT7:40 p.m. BRT
7:55 p.m. BRT8:15 p.m. BRT
8:30 p.m. BRT8:50 p.m. BRT
9:05 p.m. BRT9:25 p.m. BRT
Sunday, April 14, 2024 (Bo1 Games)4 p.m. BRT4:20 p.m. BRT
4:35 p.m. BRT4:55 p.m. BRT
5:10 p.m. BRT5:30 p.m. BRT
5:45 p.m. BRT6:05 p.m. BRT
Sunday, April 14, 2024 (Break)6:05 p.m. BRT6:55 p.m. BRT
Sunday, April 14, 2024 (Bo1 Games Resume)6:55 p.m. BRT7:15 p.m. BRT
7:30 p.m. BRT7:50 p.m. BRT
8:05 p.m. BRT8:25 p.m. BRT
8:40 p.m. BRT9 p.m. BRT

Where to watch and what to expect

The Free Fire esports tournament is also available starting April 13 on the official SPS Twitch and YouTube channels. The 12 featured teams include Netshoes, LOUD, Fluxo, Team Solid, Alfa 34, INTZ, Buriram United Esports, JV E-Sport, CGGG, RRQ Kazu, Indostars, and Reverse Red.

SPS Mobile Masters 2024 Free Fire teams (Image via EFG)
SPS Mobile Masters 2024 Free Fire teams (Image via EFG)

Buriram United Esports, formerly EVOS Phoenix, is one of the teams to beat since its roster boasts four Free Fire World Series Finals appearances. Meanwhile, Fluxo from Brazil is the current holder of the Free Fire World Series title! Don't forget about LOUD as another strong and local contender. Netshoes Miners also has a lot of momentum after taking home the gold in the Latin American Mobile Challenge Finals.

In terms of the Free Fire desk host, it's BravaFF. Meanwhile, Wanheda is the analyst alongside casters Cabelo Gamer, Carlos Adrade, Isa13, and Croft.

Free Fire SPS Mobile Masters Year 2 prize pool

As mentioned, the total prize pool for this Free Fire tournament is $200,000. Below is the breakdown of this.

Prize Money
3rd to 4th$22,000 to $17,000
5th to 6th$14,000 to $12,000
7th to 8th$10,000 to $9,000
9th to 10th$8,000 to $7,000
11th to 12th$6,000 to $5,000

That's all for now. Stick around on for more news and updates!

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