Free Fire is soon receiving its latest update with a new character, Orion. The update has added a lot of new features surrounding him.

Free Fire is launching its latest update soon with a lot of new content, including its first villain character, Orion, a new game mode, and the Project Crimson event. Players will get the opportunity to earn a lot of exciting content through the event, including the new character Orion.

Here’s everything you need to know about Free Fire’s latest update.

Free Fire gets its first villain character: Everything you need to know about Orion and how to unlock him

Orion has a very interesting and dark backstory. Garena describes him as a man “consumed by his inner demons.” His parents were murdered and his journey to avenge them has corrupted him and led him down a dark path.

Just like all characters, Orion also has a special skill. It’s called Crimson Crush and reflects his backstory perfectly. The skill allows Orion to become invincible temporarily while draining the health of enemies close by.

You can unlock Orion through the Project Crimson event in Free Fire, which will be live in the game from May 12 to 30. In this event, you have to complete missions and reach milestones to unlock a reward and memory shard. When you complete all the missions, Orion will be unlocked. You can also unlock the Orion Vengeful Beast Bundle through the event which gives various other rewards.

Garena is also offering players an inside look at Orion’s backstory through The Fist of Vengeance film and a three-episode mini-series. You can watch the Fist of Vengeance on the official Free Fire YouTube channel.

What else is new in the update?

Besides unlocking Orion, you can earn a lot of other rewards in Free Fire through the Project Crimson event. This includes the Legendary Scorpio Bundle with the new Scorpio-themed legendary costume, Gloo Wall, katana, fist skin and the M1014 - Scorpio Shatter.

The M1014 – Scorpio Shatter is an exciting addition to the game with its Final Shot feature. This will give a full-screen animation if the player takes down the last enemy. The weapon will also have special reload effects.

The new update is themed around Orion and Garena is leaving no stone unturned to ensure Free Fire players feel that way. Thus, the lobby, spawn island, and aeroplane have gotten a new look based on the character.

Lastly, Garena is bringing a new game mode for players on May 19 called the Triple Wolves mode. This will have 1v1v1 and 2v2v2 battles and players can choose to up against one or two teams. Thus, players will be up against two teams in this mode, with a random player getting the chance to select the weapon for the round. The mode will be playable on a new ice-themed map.

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