Free Fire 6th Anniversary: Awakened Alok, new events, and more cover image

Free Fire 6th Anniversary: Awakened Alok, new events, and more

You can now get revived in BR matches too.

Garena released Free Fire back in 2017. Now, the battle royale title is set to turn six years old. To mark the sixth anniversary of Free Fire, Garena is bringing a lot of new content into the game. This includes the Awakened Alok, events, and exciting activities which even revives players in BR matches.

DJ Alok collaboration returns with Awakened Alok

Free Fire and renowned Brazilian DJ, Alok, had previously collaborated in 2019. As a part of this, the musician dropped into the game as a character.

Garena is marking the 6th Anniversary of Free Fire with a reawakening of the character. He will now appear in a special colorful outfit based on indigenous Brazilian groups.

Image credits: Garena
Image credits: Garena

The character is also being buffed with heightened healing powers to mark the occasion. Thus, He will drop more musical notes which will provide healing buffs to teammates.

Additionally, a special event is coming into the game on July 7. Players have to complete milestone missions to earn collectables co-designed by Alok himself. These include the following:

  • Awakened Alok male bundle
  • 6th Anniversary Motorbike
  • 6th Anniversary Celebration emote

Free Fire 6th Anniversary is also bringing several new activities

That is not all as there are several new activities coming for Free Fire players to celebrate the sixth anniversary.

Image credits: Garena
Image credits: Garena
  • Color Cube: You can now get revived in Free Fire battle royale games just like in Warzone’s Gulag. Players have to collect tokens to power up the Color Cube which becomes a floating island. Here, eliminated players have to complete a special gameplay. On completing this, they will re-enter the battlefield.
  • Hat Relay: Garena is also bringing a limited edition sixth anniversary hat into the game. However, it can only be earned by lucky players as the hat will be randomly distributed in matches.
  • Free Fire 6th Anniversary rank protection event: Players ranked below Heroic can celebrate the sixth anniversary with the rank protection event. They just have to team up with veterans which will give them immunity against losing ranked points. Players can use this feature only once per day
  • Color Playground: A series of mini-party games will be released each week from July 7 onwards. These will start with the Color Hide and Seek, which is a reintroduction of the mode with fun buffs.

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