It’s a full Haaland takeover!

Manchester City superstar Erling Haaland arrives in Clash of Clans as the newest available Barbarian King skin. The addition comes with a slew of challenges and even the opportunity to raid Haaland's village.

Having played for over a decade, Haaland is thrilled to be included in Clash of Clans. As it stands, he is now the first-ever real person to be featured in the game.

A full Haaland takeover

It's no secret that Erling Haaland is an avid player of Clash of Clans. The Norwegian striker has commented on his long-time enjoyment of the game in multiple interviews.

"I think I was around 10 when I discovered Clash. Me and my friends started playing — we’ve had a lot of fun together."

— Erling Haaland

This collaboration, which Clash of Clans calls a "full Haaland takeover," features more than just the Barbarian King skin. The May season will have limited-time challenges in which players can raid Haaland's personal village. Successfully completing raids will reward players with magic items, ores, and a spot on the leaderboard.

Besides Haaland's own Barbarian King skin, players will also be able to obtain unique skins for their troops and a soccer scenery for their home village.

Screenshot of Erling Haaland standing next to his Barbarian King skin (Image via
Screenshot of Erling Haaland standing next to his Barbarian King skin (Image via

How to get the Erling Haaland Barbarian King skin

The Haaland Barbarian King skin will most likely be unlockable through the purchase of May's Gold Pass. This premium reward track functions similarly to systems in other games such as Fortnite's Battle Pass. Regularly playing the game and completing challenges within the Gold Pass will unlock additional rewards to Haaland's Barbarian King skin.

The Clash of Clans Gold Pass typically costs $6.99 USD and is available via the in-game shop or directly from Supercell's store. To unlock the Erling Haaland Barbarian King skin, simply purchase the pass anytime between May 1 and May 31.

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