The spiritual sequel to Fallout Shelter is finally here. Check out the reveal and learn to pre-register.

Elder Scrolls Castles has finally been revealed by Bethesda, and the developer is confident enough to let pre-register. After the financial success of Fallout Shelter, Bethesda is building on the formula while switching to its other massive IP. Here are details on the game’s reveal and how to pre-register.

After months of rumors, Bethesda finally revealed the game on Jan. 17, 2023, through its official social media channels. The announcement showed off a few screenshots of the game and included a signup page for an alpha playtest. Screenshots show a family of Argonians celebrating a new child, a Khajiit mage fighting a dragon, and a suspiciously Adoring Fan-esque Altmet wandering the halls.

Shelters, Elder Scrolls-style

Based on the content shown, the game likely takes place in the Merethic or early Third Era of the lore. It could also just be a total melting pot of the series’ expansive lore.

The Elder Scrolls Castle gameplay is akin to Fallout Shelter, but with a settings change. Players manage a settlement centered around a castle, designing and upgrading it as they accumulate resources. As in Shelter, the game features various randomly generated NPCs with the addition of unique named characters. Each real-life day equates to a year in the game’s time.

Players can gear up NPCs to send them on quests, settle disputes, or manage their kingdom’s economy.

How to pre-register for the Elder Scrolls Castles alpha test

To sign up for Elder Scrolls Castles before release, follow these steps to pre-register:

  1. Head to either the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for Elder Scrolls Castles
  2. Click the Pre-Register button on either page
  3. Confirm your details and email address
  4. Wait for an email to announce the game’s release

There don’t seem to be any in-game bonuses for pre-registering, but for time-based games like these, starting right at release can be a big help. Players who participated in the closed beta will not get their progress carried over to the main game.

Bethesda did not reveal a release date for the game, but the full release is already available in the Philippines. Based on that regional release and the lengthy beta test in 2023, the game will almost definitely be released in 2024. Sometime in the Spring is most likely, as the game likely just needs a little bit more polish.

Stay tuned to for the latest updates on all things Elder Scrolls.