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Dragon Quest Builders Coming to iOS and Android Devices

Dragon Quest Builders launches for mobile devices with new content and exclusive DLC. This includes a free play mode.

Dragon Quest Builders has now been ported to iOS and Android devices. The game was originally launched for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2016 and was then ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2018. It features the ability to build with blocks much like Minecraft but features textures and creatures from the franchise.

More Content Than Ever Before

Dragon Quest Builders isn't free, with a regular price tag of $29.99. As part of the launch, there is currently a release celebration sale going on that drops this price to $21.99 for early adopters of the mobile port. This sale is set to run for two weeks, to give fans plenty of time to scoop up the game for their mobile devices.

New items such as block sets and equipment have also been added to this version of the game. Allowing players to dig even deeper when building new structures in their world.

In celebration of this release, a video of the game was released on the Square Enix YouTube page.

New DLC is Available For Dragon Quest Builders

Along with the release of the game comes four new pieces of DLC to help you decorate your world in Terra Incognita mode. The new DLC pack includes the following additions to gameplay:

  • Boss Monster Model Set: The ability to use models of bosses from the Dragon Quest series to decorate your map.
  • Astronomy Set: The ability to decorate the sky of your work with ten types of stars and planets.
  • Pixel Ring:  A new accessory that grants players the ability to get more pixels when defeating monsters while playing the Terra Incognita mode. This allows new items to be created at the workstation.
  • Magic Carpet: Players can now fly around on a magic carpet to take a look at their creations from above, the carpet comes with its own music that will play while it's being ridden.

You can buy each of these DLC items separately or choose to purchase the All-in-One-Pack to get them all together.

New Controls

The controls have been overhauled in Dragon Quest Builders to make the game easier to play. The game can be played using your phone screen and has a new tap to build system that lets you easily place blocks. This has made the games crafting system much easier to manage than ever before.

Show off Your Creations in Dragon Quest Builders

In addition to adding in a new mode, Dragon Quest Builders mobile version has the ability to share your Terra Ingonita creations with other players. This can be done using the new Building Card to show your buildings off and allow other players to visit their world.

This can simply be done by scanning another player's creation. A Summoning Stone is also available that will open a gateway into your world for other players to visit. These new steps are here to make the game more engaging to players by allowing them to share and show off their creations to friends.

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