“Even the shadows hide from me.”

Another quiz event has arrived in Dislyte. This time, it's all about Fatimah. Read on for all of the correct Dislyte quiz answers for Fatimah (Gilgamesh) to receive free Gold Records.

Dislyte Fatimah quiz answer screenshot (Image via esports.gg)
Dislyte Fatimah quiz answer screenshot (Image via esports.gg)

Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz Fatimah answers

  • Dislyte Fatimah Quiz Answer Day 1: To which mythological system does Gilgamesh belong? Answer: B) Mesopotamian
  • Dislyte Fatimah Quiz Answer Day 2: What does Fatimah like to do? Answer: C) Meditate
  • Dislyte Fatimah Quiz Answer Day 3: As a mystery hero, what is Fatima's nickname? Answer: A) Dazzling Sunfire

Who is Fatimah in Dislyte?

In the game, Fatimah represents Gilgamesh from Mesopotamian mythology. This Esper is also an Inferno unit, indicating high effectiveness against Wind units and weakness against Flow enemies. According to Fatimah's official profile, she is also 35-year-old hero with an "unknown identity."

However, we do know that her favorite dish is Masgouf. More lore about Fatimah will likely be revealed in an event after the conclusion of this quiz. This is the typical timeline of Dislye events that feature an upcoming five-star Esper.

Her video introduction also indicates that she wields divine powers. Some of her voice lines such as "Even the shadows hide from me" and "Let's go. We've got a lot of stuff to do before daybreak" add to this theme.

Fatimah (Gilgamesh) abilities

Fatimah is also useful as an area-of-effect (AoE) and Fighter unit with the abilities Cleansing, Atonement, and Golden Judgement. According to the patch 3.4.7 notes, Cleansing attacks an enemy multiple times and increases Fatimah's AP. Meanwhile, Atonement also attacks one enemy multiple times and steals their buffs.

As for Golden Judgement, it attacks all of Fatimah's foes multiple times. The damage of this is based on the number of Sunglory stacks. Furthermore, each time a foe gains a buff, it permanently increases Fatimah's own attributes and grants her a Sunglory stack. Once these stacks reach a limit, Fatimah automatically casts Golden Judgement.

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