Get free in-game items such as Gold Records and Nexus Crystals with this month’s set of Dislyte codes!

Another month, another set of Dislyte codes for free in-game items! Read on for the full list of active Dislyte codes for May 2023!

Redeeming active May 2023 Dislyte codes (Image via Lilith Games)
Redeeming active May 2023 Dislyte codes (Image via Lilith Games)

Dislyte codes for May 2023

Here is the full list of new Dislyte codes for May 2023. Entering these codes means free rewards such as Gold Records, Nexus Crystals, Experimon, Stamina, and gold.

  1. ChensGift002
  2. CheerUpDislyte
  3. DislyteRockOn
  4. DislyteShowOn
  5. DislyteSpecial99
  6. DoNotRedeem
  7. DrewsGift001
  8. NeneLovesU
  9. NeonCityFes0329
  10. PlayDislyte
  11. DuskAndDawn
  12. DislyteDaddyF2P
  13. DislyteZoxasKunX
  14. OlliesGift002
  15. MarkiplierInDislyte (Valid until June 11, 2023)
  16. Lilith10th (Valid until June 15, 2023)

The "MarkiplierInDislyte" code is valid until June 11. Meanwhile, the "Lilith10th" is valid until June 15 at 5 p.m. PDT.

Redeeming codes

To redeem these May 2023 Dislyte codes on Android, launch the app and tap on your player icon that's located on the top left of the screen. Then, press the "Settings" option near the bottom left of the screen. Press the "Services" tab near the top next. Scroll down a bit and press the "Gift Code" button. After entering one of the codes, select "Confirm" to get your free items. These codes are not case sensitive.

  1. Tap your player icon
  2. Head to the "Settings" tab
  3. Select the "Services" tab
  4. Press the "Gift Code" button
  5. Enter the Dislyte code
  6. Press the "Confirm" button

If you play Dislyte on an iPhone, then the "Gift Code" doesn't exist on mobile. You have to visit this official link in your browser and follow the instructions there. The process involves hopping in and out of Dislyte. For the step-by-step instructions, you can check out our guide.

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