Here are all of the Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz answers for Leora! Answering correctly results in free Gold Records.

Victory is ours! Another character will soon join Dislyte, and the mobile game is celebrating her arrival with an Esper Pop Quiz! Read on for the Dislyte quiz answers for Leora.

Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz Leora answers (Image via Lilith Games)
Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz Leora answers (Image via Lilith Games)

Dislyte quiz answers for Leora

The answer for "Which mythology is Athena from?" is option A: Greek. Leora represents Athena the Greek goddess. Next, the answer for "Who is the person Leora has always considered a sister?" is B: Elaine. Finally, the answer for "As a child, where did Leora grow up?" is A: Nielheim Orphanage.

  • Esper Pop Quiz Leora answer day 1: Greek
  • Esper Pop Quiz Leora answer day 2: Elaine
  • Esper Pop Quiz Leora answer day 3: Nielheim Orphanage
Leora (Athena) in Dislyte (Image via Lilith Games)
Leora (Athena) in Dislyte (Image via Lilith Games)

Esper Pop Quiz Leora answers

Answering an Esper Pop Quiz in Dislyte correctly results in a free Gold Record that can be used in the Echo. If a player happens to answer incorrectly, then that results in 100 Nexus Crystals. This is worth half a Gold Record.

To access the quiz, press the "Events" icon that's located near the top left of the game. On that screen, you also have the option to check out a video about Leora's past. Her lore features her sister Elaine who she hasn't seen in seven years due to a rift between them caused by Leora gaining powers.

According to her Dislyte profile, Leora is also a powerful Fighter Esper who can assist her teammates. She is a five-star Flow Esper with the abilities Forward Strike, Dawn Guardian, and Daylight Beam.

Missions and extra rewards

Don't forget to complete the daily Esper Pop Quiz missions. These grant in-game items such as gold, Abilimon, Stamina, and Starimon. A new set of missions appear whenever a new quiz arrives during this Leora quiz event.

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