A new Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz is here! Players must answer the questions correctly for free items. Here are the Esper Pop Quiz Embla answers.

A new Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz has arrived to the urban mythological RPG! This time, the questions are centered around a new Esper named Embla. Answer these questions correctly to receive free in-game items. Below are the Dislyte quiz answers for Embla.

Dislyte quiz answers for Embla

The final question featured in the Dislyte Embla Pop Quiz event is "What appeared in Embla's dream?" There are three options, and the correct answer is option B: Butterfly. Below are the rest of the answers.

Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz Embla answers (Image via Lilith Games)
Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz Embla answers (Image via Lilith Games)
  • Esper Pop Quiz Embla answer day 1: Norse
  • Esper Pop Quiz Embla answer day 2: Giant
  • Esper Pop Quiz Embla answer day 3: Butterfly

The first question was "Which mythology is Ymir from?" while the second question was "What is Ymir's race?" Those answers were Norse and Giant respectively.

Esper Pop Quiz Embla answers

Answering a Dislyte Esper Pop Quiz question correctly results in a free Gold Record that unlocks once the next day of the event is active. Gold Records are in-game items that let players spin the Echo to pull characters.

If a player answers a question incorrectly, then they're rewarded with 100 Nexus Crystals. This is worth half a Gold Record since Gold Records cost 200 Nexus Crystals.

Esper Pop Quiz rewards and missions

The Embla event has four daily missions for players to complete, so make sure to do these before time's up. These missions feature rewards such as Stamina Supply Packs, Relic Essence, Abilimon, Experimon, Divine Wave Opt-packs, and Supply Vouchers. The daily login also grants in-game gold.

Here's what each of these items do in Dislyte:

  • Stamina Supply Pack: Used for various Dislyte activities.
  • Relic Essence: Fuses into Relics to buff Espers.
  • Abilimon: Upgrades the skills of Espers.
  • Experimon: Provides XP to Espers.
  • Divine Wave Opt-pack: Grants elemental waves for Esper Ascension.
  • Supply Voucher: Used to buy items from the Tournament Shop.
  • Gold: Used for training, enhancing Relics, and more.

Quiz 1 Missions:

  • Consume 200 Stamina
  • Enhance Relics 10 times
  • Complete 2 Bounty Missions
  • Daily Login

Quiz 2 Missions:

  • Consume 200 Stamina
  • Clear Sonic Rift 10 times
  • Take part in 1 Expedition
  • Daily Login

Quiz 3 Missions:

  • Consume 200 Stamina
  • Clear Sonic Miracle 10 times
  • Win 5 Point War battles
  • Daily Login

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