CoD Mobile World Championship Finals 2022: Schedule and slot distribution unveiled cover image

CoD Mobile World Championship Finals 2022: Schedule and slot distribution unveiled

Activision has shared more information regarding the regional playoffs and the finals for the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022.

With the competition in the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022 heating up, fans have been asking for an update on the last two stages of the tournament. Activision has finally answered these calls and revealed additional details about Stages 4 and 5 of the CoD Mobile World Championship, namely the Regional Playoffs and Finals. 

The CoD Mobile World Championship is a yearly tournament by Activision with a total prize pool of $2 million. It featured open-for-all qualifiers with the top teams fighting their way through the team play and regional qualifiers to reach Stage 4. 

CoD Mobile World Championship Stage 4: Here is the complete schedule and format for the Regional Playoffs

Stage 4 of the World Championship is the Regional Playoffs. This will be the last stage for the teams before heading into the LAN World Championship Finals. Additionally, the playoffs will be streamed live on the Call of Duty: Mobile Esports YouTube channel. 

The Regional Playoffs will happen separately in five regions. These are India, Latin America, Japan, Europe and North America. The schedule for them is as follows: 

  • India: Aug. 13 and 14 (7:30 AM GMT)
  • Latin America: Aug. 13 and 14 (3 PM GMT)
  • Japan: Aug. 20 and 21 (6 AM GMT)
  • Europe: Aug. 20 and 21 (1 PM GMT)
  • North America: Aug. 27 and 28 (5 PM GMT)

The format for the regional playoffs is the same across all regions. The top eight teams from the regional qualifiers will compete in each region. The first day will feature a swiss-style group stage with the top four teams advancing to day two. Subsequently, the remaining four teams will battle it out on day two in a double-elimination bracket to crown a champion and decide the teams heading to the CoD Mobile World Championship Finals 2022. 

CoD Mobile World Championship Finals 2022 will happen in December

The last stop for the teams in the CoD Mobile World Championship are the Finals where a world champion will be crowned. It will happen from Dec. 9 to 11 as a LAN event with $1.5 million on the line. 

Sixteen teams from around the world will compete in the World Championship Finals. The slots distribution is as follows: 

  • India: Two teams
  • Latin America: Three teams
  • Japan: One team
  • Europe: Three teams
  • North America: Three teams
  • China: Two teams
  • Southeast Asia: Two teams

Teams from China and Southeast Asia will qualify through separate regional tournaments. 

Will 2022 finally be the year for a proper world championship for the game?

CoD Mobile was released in October 2019. Soon after, Activision announced the first World Championship in early 2020. However, the 2020 edition’s world finals had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On the other hand, the 2021 CoD Mobile World Championship Finals had to be moved online due to the pandemic. Consequently, the event was split into the East and West to reduce ping disparity between teams competing from around the world. 

With the world opening up as the pandemic quiets down, the 2022 World Championship Finals are set to be the first complete event for the mobile shooter title. 

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