CoD Mobile Season 1, 2023: Everything you need to know cover image

CoD Mobile Season 1, 2023: Everything you need to know

It’s the Lunar New Year! CoD: M is here with a new weapon, equipment and currency. Here’s all that’s new in Season 1.

A new year has arrived and the first season of Call of Duty: Mobile in 2023 is almost here. CoD Mobile Season 1, called Reawakening, is set to launch on Jan. 19 with a lot of new content – particularly associated with the Lunar New Year.

The previous season of CoD Mobile was Season 11, titled Ultimate Frontier. With the new year, however, Activision is resetting the seasonal count of the game. The company has been doing this since 2021. Hence, the forthcoming season is numbered one.

CoD Mobile Season 1, 2023 to introduce a new weapon, tactical equipment, and mode

Activision releases at least two new pieces of equipment every season which are available for free on the Battle Pass for players to grind. In Season 1, these are the Dingo – Conquest and the Stim Shot.

The Dingo is an LMG that was first introduced in Black Ops III. With its high fire rate, the gun makes for an excellent choice for aggressive players. Unlocking it is simple. Just reach tier 21 of the Battle Pass and it will be added to your inventory for free.

The Stim Shot, on the other hand, is a shot that can be used to recharge a player’s health. It can be unlocked in tier 14 of the CoD Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass.

The last thing on the list of new content this season is the Big Head Blizzard Mode. This is a celebratory and fun mode in CoD Mobile. In this, you acquire energy as you deal damage to enemies. This energy increases the size of your operator’s head until it finally transforms into a bobblehead-like character. When this happens, you are only equipped with a melee weapon.

Lunar New Year is the theme for the season

The Lunar New Year is on Jan. 22 – and Activision is celebrating it grandly just like in past years in CoD Mobile. The season has adopted a theme around the festival, which is mostly celebrated in China.

Two new modes are being added to the game in anticipation of the Lunar New Year. The first is the Super Attack of the Undead which featured a revamped look on the mode according to the festival.

The other is the Nuketown – Year of the Rabbit Temple. As the name suggests, the map has been given a completely new look for the Lunar New Year.

Additionally, players will get the chance to earn more loot during the Lunar New Year. Activision has introduced a new currency called Limited Time Tickets which can be earnt in-game and spent in the new marketplace.