Not a good time to be a Clash Royale fan.

Clash Royale’s latest update, called “An Update for Losers,” is stirring up quite a lot of backlash from the community. So much so, that Supercell had to publicly apologize and say that they will be making changes. So what is all the fuss about? takes a look

Clash Royale April 2023 Season update attracts huge backlash

It may be “An Update for Losers” but the real losers here are seemingly Supercell. The update was supposed to be a major one with Pass Royale 2.0, a new Events Tab, and Season Shop. However, none of these changes has been positively received.

Firstly is the Pass Royale 2.0. In this, the Pass Royale has been split into Free, Gold, and Diamond. While the rewards have been increased, players are complaining about the lack of Magic Items like the Book of Cards.

The Book of Cards can now be unlocked through the Season Shop, for 15,000 Season Tokens. Season Tokens are a new concept as well in Clash Royale and can be earned through playing events. However, you can only earn up to 1,000 Season Tokens per day. Thus, it will take you 15 days just to get an epic Book of Cards. While this isn’t too bad, it leaves little Season Tokens to spend on other items in the Shop such as emotes and skins.

For players, the update has translated to Clash Royale becoming even more pricey.

Clash Royale community backlash on the update
Clash Royale community backlash on the update

2v2 drama causes further backlash before Supercell issues clarification and a statement

While all this was happening, a bug swept into Clash Royale which removed the “Play Again” option in 2v2 battles. For many players, 2v2 is a fun and exciting game mode, and this move came at a time when Supercell has been shifting the focus away from 2v2. Supercell’s community manager later replied to a Tweet saying that it was a bug. He added that the company doesn’t want to kill 2v2.

As the community continued to flood Clash Royale Twitter and Reddit with negative comments about the update, Supercell issued a much-needed statement to its players.

The community managers for the game, Max and Drew, said that they know that the “update has not been received positively.” However, they added that changes might not be happening immediately as “they do take time.” The statement will be a slight reassurance to players as Supercell has said they are looking into the feedback.

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