Clash Royale new update to bring Pass Royale 2.0 cover image

Clash Royale new update to bring Pass Royale 2.0

More ways to earn rewards in Clash Royale are coming.

Clash Royale’s new update is set to bring a very exciting change to the game with Pass Royale 2.0. The Pass Royale was first released back in 2019 and since then has remained largely unchanged. Now, however, Supercell has decided to completely revamp the feature in the upcoming update, but is it a good change?

Pass Royale 2.0 to arrive with new update in Clash Royale

The main part of the revamp in Pass Royale 2.0 is that the reward tiers have now been divided into three from the earlier two. These are the Free, Gold, and Diamond. The latter two will obviously cost money to unlock, but Supercell hasn’t revealed how much just yet. 

Supercell has also given a breakdown on what each tier of the Pass Royale 2.0 will reward. This is as follows: 

  • Free: Crown chests and season tokens
  • Gold: Tier one rewards, tower skin, wild cards, emote, and gold crates
  • Diamond: Tier one and two rewards, champion, gold creates, battle banner, and lightning chests. 
(image via Clash Royale)
(image via Clash Royale)

Additionally, the Pass Royale 2.0 will have a “much greater number” of reward tiers. Currently, there were only 30 tiers of rewards followed by a Gold Bank. The additional tiers will now replace the Gold Bank. 

If you are wondering how you will unlock the additional tiers with the length of seasons remaining the same – Supercell has an answer for you. With the new update, you will have the ability to earn upto six crowns per battle. Where are the three extra crowns coming from? Now, every tower standing on your base will reward a crown as well. 

Lastly, the Pass Royale 2.0 in Clash Royale’s new update will bring a new currency, Season Tokens. These can be used to redeem rewards in an upcoming season shop. Thus, the reliance of lucky drops from crates for specific rewards will reduce. 

Clash Royale is undergoing a lot of changes in 2023

(image via Clash Royale)
(image via Clash Royale)

Earlier this year, Supercell revealed the roadmap for Clash Royale in 2023. With the next update, many of things in the roadmap which include the Pass Royale 2.0, seasonal currency, and season shop will be released. 

However, there is still a big feature yet to be released. Supercell had teased that it will be bringing a new gameplay to Clash Royale. The company had revealed little details about this but had said that it will “introduce a new layer of depth” to the gameplay. 

When this launches, it will also bring a lot of new cards and new card level: 15. A release date for it hasn’t been revealed yet, though. 

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