New Brawlers Sam, Gus, multiple skins, and a new PvE mode are coming to Brawl Stars soon.

After a long summer break, Supercell is here with the next episode of Brawl Talk listing out the new features coming to Brawl Stars in the next update.

Brawl Stars is getting two new Brawlers with unique playstyles, several skins, a new PvE mode, and more in the forthcoming update.

New Chromatic Brawler Sam is coming in the next update

Sam is one of the two new Brawlers joining the game soon. He is a member of Belle’s trio and has a personal beef with almost all of the robots in Starr Park. Sam is also very unique in terms of his playstyle. What sets him apart is that he is equipped with Knuckle Busters.

When these are equipped, Sam does stronger close-range attacks and hits multiple enemies at once. If he loses the Knuckle Busters, his attacks are less powerful but faster.

Additionally, when he possesses his Knuckle Busters, his Super bar will be full. This means that with the upcoming update, he will become the first Brawler in Brawl Stars to spawn with his super available.

Sam, a new Chromatic Brawler, to join Brawl Stars in the next update
Sam is coming to Brawl Stars soon (Image via Supercell)

When Sam’s super is used, he throws his Knuckle Busters a certain distance causing damage to everything on the way. Using the Super again will recall the Knuckle Busters and they will cause damage on the way back as well.

Gus is the second Brawler coming to Brawl Stars

The other Brawler coming to the game a bit later is Gus (Image via Supercell)

Gus has been described as a weird kid in his pajamas. This might be the case but it doesn’t dampen his ability to be a fantastic Support brawler. When used correctly, he can be detrimental between victory and defeat on the battlefield.

With every attack Gus lands, he charges a new bar. When this gets full, he will drop a ghost on the map where his next attack goes to. Gus or his allies can pick up this ghost to be healed. He can drop multiple ghosts at a time. His Super, on the other hand, is a shield that can be cast on himself or an ally to protect them from enemy fire.

You will have to wait a bit longer to play him, though, as Gus won’t be immediately available with the next Brawl Stars update. He will be released into the game a bit later in September.

A new update in Brawl Stars means many new skins

As usual, a lot of new and exciting skins are joining the game for players to unlock. These are as follows:

  • Caesar Sam: Last tier of the Brawl Pass
  • Desperado Poco: First tier of the Brawl Pass
  • Lawless Lola: Power League skin
  • Crowbone: Gems
  • Moonbunny Squeak: Special skin to mark the Moon festival in Asia
  • Stonks Pam
  • Mecha Mortis: 299 Gems skin
  • Trick or Treat Leon: Halloween skin

The Mecha Mortis skin comes with custom voiceovers and visual effects. Additionally, Supercell is giving away a spray, profile picture, and a set of pins for free to players who get the skin on the release month.

Mecha Mortis skin will cost 299 Gems in Brawl Stars
The Mecha Mortis skin comes with a lot of additional features (Image via Supercell)

Supercell has said that it will be breaking more skins into Brawl Stars for Halloween, but they will be released in a later update.

A new PvE mode is also coming in Brawl Stars’ latest update

Protect 8-Bit in the new PvE mode
Protect 8-Bit in the new PvE mode (Image via Supercell)

In this PvE mode, 8-Bit is roaming around the map and doing some work. Someone doesn’t like this, though, and has sent waves of Bots to bring him down.

The goal of the mode is to protect 8-Bit from getting defeated before the timer runs out.

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