Brawl Stars Update: 2 Brawlers, Starr Drop rewards, and more cover image

Brawl Stars Update: 2 Brawlers, Starr Drop rewards, and more

Cordelius and Doug are joining the game soon.

Brawl Stars’ new update is almost here, and Supercell has released an episode of the Brawl Talk to reveal everything coming to the game soon. The main highlight of the new update are the two new Brawlers and Star Drops which are another way for players to earn rewards.

While there is a lot of new content coming with the Brawl Talk, the episode was a bittersweet one as Supercell community manager, Paula, announced that she is stepping away from the game. She is moving to another Supercell title, Squad Busters, as it comes closer to a global release.

Here’s everything new in the latest Brawl Stars update.

New Brawl Stars update bring Toxic Brawler: Cordelius

Cordelius is a former farmer and is set to release as the update launches in Brawl Stars. His main attack are two rapid mushrooms which are thrown with his gardening tools.

These deadly mushrooms deal a lot of damage, however, they have a very short range. To make up for it, Cordelius is a fast Brawler, zooming across the map with speed.

Another new feature of Cordelius is that he can charge his Super just by being close to enemies. When it's completely charged, he can use it to transport himself and his opponent to an alternate reality. Here, Cordelius has a speed and reload buff while the enemy Brawler can't use his Super or Gadgets. Other Brawlers on the map can’t interfere with this reality.

The Super’s effect gets over after some time or if either Brawler is defeated.

Another new Brawler, Doug, to join the game soon

Besides, Cordelius, another new Brawler is joining the game soon in and that is Doug. He will be released in early August and is set to be the first Brawler in the game who can revive himself or his teammates.

The support Brawler also has another special effect – he can heal his teammates with his main attack. The closer the teammates are to him, the more they will get healed. His main attack works in reverse on his enemies, though, as they take damage.

Doug fights around with a Hot Dog. When this is charged, he can throw it to a teammate to revive them when they are taken down. Additionally, Doug will revive himself at the same place if he gets defeated with a charged Hot Dog.

A new Brawl Stars update means new skins

Several new skins are coming to Brawl Stars in this update. These are as follows:

  • Spore Mind Cordelius: Brawl Pass
  • Haunted House 8Bit: Brawl Pass
  • Stone Troll Lou: Power League
  • Wood Spirit Chester
  • Dark Fairy Janet
  • Megalodon
  • Sunken Chest Fridd
  • Cursed Pirate Bibi
  • Kraken Surge: Supercell Make skin by Steamfish

Starr Drops replace Chests as a new place to get rewards

The latest update in Brawl Stars is also bringing the much-awaited replacement for chests: the Starr Drops. Players can earn up to three of these per day at the following checkpoints:

  • One win
  • Four wins
  • Eight wins

Just like Brawlers, Starr Drops come in five rarities namely the Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, and Legendary. Each Drop gives one reward to players which can range across Coins, Power Points, Brawlers, Pins, and more.

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