Reworks, balance updates, free rewards and features from 2019! Why is the past so exciting?

As the month comes to an end, the Brawl Stars July update is almost here. Here's all the information released during the Brawl Talk! We have two new brawlers coming, a Mega Box event full of free rewards, new skins, hypercharges and more.

The update also includes balance changes that are not mentioned during the video. Spoiler alert: Kit is still a nightmare, but at least it's a little less annoying. Make sure to keep reading so you can get all the details.

How to play CLASSIC Brawl: The Mega Box event and rewards

June's Brawl Talk was definitely a nostalgic one. The next big event for Brawl Stars will be called "Classic Brawl". It features the comeback of the Mega Boxes. However, it's going to be a time-limited event; meaning that they're not here to replace Starr Drops. The event will run from July 12 to July 31.

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The CLASSIC Brawl event works with the old Star Tokens. You can get them with your first win of the day, but also by playing the new special game modes. They will be affected by the "classic" modifier: No hypercharge, level 9 maximum, no gadgets, and can only use the first Star power. The 2019 nostalgic players will enjoy them for sure. These new classic modes include:

  • Mirror mode: 3v3 mode where everyone plays the same Brawler.
  • Drum roll: A death match mode where you get a different Brawler for each kill.

The Mega Boxes announced during June's Brawl Talk also include a Mega Box challenge. Play it to help you get the 10 Mega Boxes required to claim the free Sovereign Rico hypercharged skin. Unlock Mega Boxes with twelve Star tokens. This is the list of rewards you can find inside Mega Boxes:

  • Brawlers
  • Bling
  • Skins (any rarity)
  • Coins
  • Power points
  • Gems

Two new Brawlers coming with Brawl Stars July Update

Berry is the first Brawler mentioned on June's Brawl Talk. He's a thrower style Unicorn that can also be played as a support. His basic attack is an ice cream bomb that deals damage over time in a small area, but also heals the allies it hits. His super is a dash attack that also leaves a trail of ice cream behind. Dark Horse Berry is the first skin releasing with this Brawler.

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The next season coming after the Brawl Stars July update will feature Clancy. They said he's not a lobster, but who are we to tell him. Clancy will be released with the High Stakes Clancy and works similar to surge, scaling to three different levels that affect his normal attacks and super.

  • Stage 1: Single shot of his basic attack. His super is a small torrent of bullets.
  • Stage 2: Two quick shots in a line vector. His super covers a larger area.
  • Stage 3: Adds two diagonal line vectors to his normal attack, making it a three-hit area. He's now faster while using his super.
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Reworks, hypercharges and balance changes

The Brawl Stars July update is coming with a lot of new stuff, including some reworks to Frank, Meg and Chester. This is how they work now:

  • Frank: The lower his HP, the faster his normal attacks.
  • Meg: Shoots more projectiles while on her Mecha, but has shorter range.
  • Chester: The four attack stages are now part of his basic attack. Also, his new Star power makes his first attack stronger.
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Seven new hypercharges are also on the menu! This is what Supercell announced about this:

  • Barley: Throws three big brews that also burns all the bushes in the area of effect.
  • Frank: His super now covers all the surrounding area.
  • Angelo: His super follows him.
  • Piper: Her super throws more bombs and knocks enemies hit if she lands on them.
  • EMZ: Her super pushes Brawlers away and shoots a targeted spray after.
  • Rico: His super projectiles bounce further.
  • Gale: Wider super, fires twice.

Finally, CLB-Brawl Stars X account shared a sneak peek of what the balance changes will look like, including nerfs to Draco, Kit, and more. Unlike the rest of the changes, this will be effective days before Brawl Stars July Update release.


  • Brock hypercharge damage increased from 500 to 750 per rocket
  • Lily now has two ammo charges instead of one
  • Janet's damage increased from 1960 to 2000
  • Maisie's super charge increased from 112 to 125
  • Mandy's super charge with 4 ammo instead of 5
  • Hank's health increased from 10800 to 11200


  • Draco's damage reduction with super changed from 25% to 15%
  • Angelo's super charge with three fully charged shots instead of two
  • Angelo's damage decreased from 4400 to 4000
  • Charlie's damage decreased from 1600 to 1520
  • Sandy's hypercharge decreased from 1.7 supers to 2.5
  • Rico's gadget damage decreased from 1024 to 896
  • Kit's Power hungry star power decreased to 150% power gain
  • Melodie's health decreased from 8200 to 7200
Balance changes shared by CLB - Brawl Stars

How to play Paint Brawl: A secondary event

Paint Brawl is a new event releasing after the Brawl Stars July update and its mechanics are similar to Brawl Ball. Players will have to kick a ball made of paint around the map. As a result, the map paints according to the kicker's team color. The team that reaches the end of the timer with more percentage of the map painted wins the game.

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New skin seasons coming with the next Brawl Stars update

These are all the skins coming with the CLASSIC Brawl event, and you'll be able to get them for free inside Mega Boxes:

  • Stellar Shelly
  • Boomer Dynamike
  • Deputy Brock
  • Sheriff Shelly
  • Rouge Rico
  • Sovereign Rico
  • Sovereign Bling Rico
  • Sovereign Gem Rico

The Brawl Stars July update also comes with two remodeled skins and color variations:

  • Viking Bull
  • Norse Raider Bull
  • Caveman Frank
  • Prehistoric Frank
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The Brawl Stars July update includes a new skin season starting on July 4, called "Gods vs. Monsters". The skins announced are:

  • Meduza EMZ
  • Sapphire Meduza EMZ (Brawl Pass Plus color variation)
  • Ruby Meduza EMZ (Brawl Pass Plus color variation)
  • Minotaur Bull
  • Poseidon R-T
  • Dionysus Angelo
  • Harpy Melodie (Ranked skin)
  • Athena Piper
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Let's not forget the Paint Brawl season will also include four different skins:

  • Aquamarine Sprout (Ranked skin)
  • Tentacle Bonnie
  • Cuttlefish Jacky
  • Shell Blaster Gale

Last but not least, the Summer of Pirates collection is back! And three skins are coming with two extra community skins:

  • Seadog Ruffs
  • Buccaneer Barley
  • Man-o-war Doug
  • Mr. Dragonfruit by Frankyyy (Community skin for Mr.P)
  • Bouble Trouble Amber by Artdrei (Community skin for Amber)
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Two months full of content for the Brawl Stars community are coming! Remember, more events could be announced with extra free rewards. Make sure to follow for more Brawl Stars updates!