First Battle Royale title for BLEED

BLEED Esports has announced an expansion into a new mobile game with the launch of a PUBG team. The org has picked five new Indonesian players, who will now represent the org.

BLEED ventures into PUBG

This is the first time that BLEED Esports has signed a Battle Royale team. And they have gone for the ever-popular PUBG as their first game of choice. This also marks a significant shift in BLEED esports’ game portfolio as PUBG is one of the biggest games in the market. It boasts deep penetration in the South East Asian market and has potential to grow at a rapid pace. 

“We're grateful to be part of BLEED as our organization. Before this, the team went back and forth finding the proper and correct organization to begin with because the team are united only by community support.” said Steven “M1xly”. “Initially we were just local gamers and it wasn't that big before, but our team has consistently given the best for Indonesia as a team to compete and achieve the best rank in Asia. We're sure that BLEED is the organization that we've been looking for, and we believe that with the organization's support, we can achieve more trophies for the organization and the team!”

A New Esport Ecosystem

The starting roster for BLEED Epsorts features Tryck, Maynn and Happy. Image Credit: BLEED esports
The starting roster for BLEED Epsorts features Tryck, Maynn and Happy. Image Credit: BLEED esports

PUBG has a very diverse ecosystem with local qualifiers and global events. The PUBG esports ecosystem allows players from all over the world to rise to the top based on pure talent and synergy with their teammates. For the players, signing on with a big organization like BLEED esports will give them ample resources at their disposal. This will ensure they can focus more on their game without having to worry about the logistics or other minute details of their travel and competitions. Whether this would be enough for the team to rise to the top is something fans are eagerly waiting for. 

 "It is fascinating times for us over at BLEED venturing into our first ever Battle Royale title. It definitely makes it all the more fulfilling for it to be one of the pioneers of the genre in our entry into PUBG. I have full confidence in the roster we've acquired, as they're a very exciting prospect. We hope that in bringing them on board, we help springboard and elevate their careers to bring out their true potential and the best versions of themselves." said Anthony Lim, Head of Esports at BLEED Esports. "BLEED is absolutely elated to be a part of the PUBG Esports Ecosystem and we look forward to putting on a good showing in the events to come!"

BLEED esports’ PUBG roster

Here’s what BLEED Esports’ PUBG roster looks like:

  • Fakhri "Catalies" Adha
  • Zalman "Ma4nn" Al-Farizi
  • Ridho "RDKboss" Dwiki Sena
  • Faitric "tRycK" Marsan Sawzi
  • Setiawan "Tedeeyy" Tandi
  • Muhammad Hazwan "Savior" Bin Abd Halim (Coach)

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