Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings esports will unite for World Cup 2022. Tencent has also promised more opportunities for teams across the globe to qualify for the event.

Tencent has announced an expansion of its Arena of Valor (AoV) esports ecosystem. World Cup 2022 will see a new format and AoV teams will partner with their Honor of Kings counterparts. Tencent will also use a new esports version that features a mixture of heroes from both games.

It is the first time Arena of Valor and its globalized version, Honor of Kings feature in one esports scene.

What are the changes to the Arena of Valor World Cup?

The Arena of Valor World Cup will use a new esports version of the game that will use a mixture of heroes from both games. The AWC will feature the best teams from across the world but will retain its format from the previous year. There will be 16 group stage slots in 2022 but with more opportunities for teams in qualifying tournaments, 

The AoV esports ecosystem will see several changes to the schedule as well as the tournament structure. Top teams have to fight their way in hopes of obtaining a slot at the Arena of Valor World Cup. Players can expect regional leagues and tournaments leading up to the Arena of Valor World Cup next year. Tencent will announce more details about the new esports structure in the upcoming months. The tournament will also have a higher prize pool compared to 2021 at $8 million.

.We are combining Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings for the first time and we look forward to sharing more details on how teams can qualify very soon.

Bernd Gottsmann, lead of the Global Esports Center at Tencent Games.

Honor of Kings is widely popular in China while Arena of Valor is its international equivalent. However, the latter has not replicated the same success and Tencent is looking to consolidate its IP in one esports scene. With a brand new esports version, it shows a convergence of the two esports scenes. 

AWC has been AoV's biggest and most iconic annual esports tournament since 2018. Early this year, 16 teams from different regions collided at the Arena of Valor World Cup 2021 which saw hundreds of thousands of fans tune in live to watch Talon Esports crowned winners. TH dtac Talon Esports were crowned the winners of the

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