All upcoming MLBB tournaments, the MLBB esports road map for 2024 cover image

All upcoming MLBB tournaments, the MLBB esports road map for 2024

Find out the complete 2024 MLBB esports road map here.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) had its most successful year in terms of esports last year, breaking viewership numbers left and right. For the 2024 season, MOONTON Games will continue to expand the ever-growing MLBB esports and pursue a more globalized format. Let's take a look at all the upcoming MLBB tournaments in 2024 including key changes to this year's system.

All upcoming MLBB tournaments in 2024

  • MPL Official Leagues Part 1
  • MLBB Developmental League (MDL)
  • MLBB Academy League (MAL MY)
  • ESL Snapdragon Pro Series
  • Mid Season Cup (MSC)
  • MLBB Women's Invitational (MWI)
  • MPL Official Leagues Part 2
  • ESL Snapdragon Pro Series
  • World Esports IESF
  • M6 World Championship

A breakdown of the MLBB esports road map

The year 2024 kicks off with the usual Mobile Legends official leagues taking place in different regions. From February to June, we'll see the Mobile Legends Professional Leagues (MPL) occur in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and more. We will also see other official leagues take place such as the Mobile Legends Turkiye Championship and the M Challenge Cup.

MOONTON introduces MLBB Academy League Malaysia (MAL MY)

Simultaneously, the MLBB Developmental League (MDL) for the Philippines and Indonesia will occur. Another upcoming tournament to look forward to is Malaysia's new developmental league. MOONTON had unveiled a new second-tier league for Malaysia, called the MLBB Academy League (MAL MY), set to begin in the latter half of 2024.

Read more about MAL MY below!

After the first half of 2024 ends, we'll see the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series take over June 2024. It is a tournament designated to connect the pros and the semi-pros together.

MSC rebranded to Mid Season Cup, bigger and more globalized

Another huge change for 2024 is the rebranding of the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup to Mid Season Cup. This rebrand serves to expand the tournament beyond Southeast Asia and for the first time in history, this event will take place outside of the region.

On top of that, the 2024 MSC will field more teams and bigger prize pool, as stated in the announcement video. This change took place for the MLBB esports scene to be more inclusive to other regions.

A busy second half year for MLBB esports

In August 2024, MOONTON will organize its third MLBB official tournament for women, the MLBB Women's Invitational. Next, we'll see the second season of MPL and official MOONTON leagues across regions all over the world.

This builds up to the next ESL Snapdragon Pro Series, open to amateurs and semi-pros. The International Esports Federation will continue its annual esports tournaments in an olympic fashion. The 16th iteration of the IESF will host Mobile Legends as one of its titles, set to take place in November 2024.

M6 World Championship will conclude the calendar

The pinnacle of the M5 World Championship celebrated AP Bren's second victory.<br>(Photo via MPL Philippines)
The pinnacle of the M5 World Championship celebrated AP Bren's second victory.
(Photo via MPL Philippines)

And finally, the most significant Mobile Legends tournament will close the curtains for the year. The M6 World Championship will set its foot in Malaysia where the world's best teams compete for the coveted world champion title. This final official tournament by MOONTON will take place in December 2024.

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