The Worlds 2023 Anthem sets the mood for the biggest event in League of Legends in South Korea.

Riot has unveiled the League of Legends Worlds 2023 Anthem days ahead of the tournament start date. The League of Legends Worlds Anthem - GODS by NewJeans aims to bring a fresh and new take to the Worlds anthems. It highlights the story of a player from last year’s Worlds-winning roster of DRX. With energetic highs and insightful lulls, the Worlds 2023 anthem sure packs a punch. 

The Worlds 2023 Anthem

GODS by NewJeans is the Worlds 2023 Anthem. The Anthem is available on YouTube and on multiple streaming platforms. 

The Worlds Anthem is the rallying cry for our community every year, and we’re so excited to partner with NewJeans to deliver this incredible moment. Between Worlds taking place in Korea and NewJeans’ meteoric rise, this partnership felt fated as a true cultural celebration. 'GODS' juxtaposes epic and intense production elements with NewJeans’ beautiful and powerful vocals – conveying both the grind and the glory that awaits our players at Worlds." 

Carrie Dunn, Global Head of Creative, Esports at Riot Games.

The video follows the journey of a professional League of Legends player. The player - Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu - was a player for DRX last year. He was a key part of DRX’s run through Worlds 2022 until, ultimately, they lifted the Championship trophy.

Deft is now playing for Dplus KIA and will be one of the contenders at Worlds 2023. He joined the team in November last year and has been a pivotal part of the LoL roster. The team qualified for Worlds 2023 after a second-place finish in the LCK 2023 regional Finals.

The Worlds 2023 Anthem - GODS is composed by Riot Games’ principal composer, Sebastien Najand and Alex Seave (better known by his stage name - Mako). 

NewJeans collaborates with Riot Games

Image Credit: NewJeans
Image Credit: NewJeans

This is the first team K-pop girl band, NewJeans has collaborated with Riot Games. The Worlds 2023 anthem, GODS also marks ten years of League of Legends Worlds anthems. 

"It was a new experience for all of u. It was fun to try a new genre and sound. Through this collaboration, we are happy to present a song that incorporates both NewJeans’ and League of Legends’ unique colors. We hope it brings you a new sense of empowerment!" 


Worlds 2023 kicks off on October 10 and will continue for more than a month ending on November 19, The tournament features the best League of Legends teams from all over the world competing in various venues in Seoul and Busan in South Korea. 

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