Worlds 2022 is all wrapped up and that leaves only one question – who got the most MVP awards? Today we answer that question.

As Worlds 2022 wraps up, today we are adding up all the MVP awards from across the three stages, and finding out who had the highest number of awards from the tournament. The players listed here are the top three for each stage, and their total number of wins.

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Play In MVP top 3

Player (team and region)Wins
Inspired (Evil Geniuses – LCS)2
Breathe (RNG – LPL)1
Elyoya (MAD Lions – LEC)1

Inspired claiming multiple MVP wins during the play-ins stage was an expected result, as he supported his team throughout each match to secure them a spot at the group stage. As an infamous European jungler, Inspired put on a show, claiming the enemy’s jungle for himself and making incredible dives to push the LCS first seed as far as possible in the tournament.

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Group Stage MVP top 3

Player (team and region)Wins
Faker (T1 – LCK)1
Inspired (Evil Geniuses – LCS)1
Jankos (G2 Esports – LEC)1

Faker’s showing in the group stage lived up to the expectation for every League of Legends fan, while there were moments where some questions if Faker was still at peak performance, he proved the doubters wrong. Making some of his insane pop off plays and helping bring T1 to the grand finals of Worlds 2022.

Image via Faker Twitter

Knockout Stage MVP top 3

Player (team and region)Wins
369 (JDG – LPL)1
Faker (T1 – LCK)1
GumaYusi (T1 – LCK)1

For 369, making it back to the Worlds stage was an opportunity to show off the top lane prowess that he is known for in the LPL. His power top lane ensured JDG some strong picks and solo bolos as well, helping to push the team through Worlds 2022 to finish in third place behind T1 Esports and ahead of another LCK team GEN.G.

Image via JDG Twitter

Highest number of MVP awards top 3

Player (team and region)Wins
Inspired (Evil Geniuses – LCS)3
Faker (T1 – LCK)2
Breathe (RNG – LPL)1
Faker and Inspired via Inspired’s Twitter

Throughout the tournament, Inspired from the LCS and Faker from the LCK have been consistent in all their matches. As two fan favourites entering the tournament, it isn’t surprising that these two would come out on top, but the high quality plays they displayed throughout the tournament cemented their 2022 legacy as two of the strongest players on the international stage.

Both players had also made appearances at MSI 2022 and Worlds 2022, achieving success in their respective regions and already had a large fanbase. For Inspired this included winning summer LEC 2021 and LCS 2022 MVP award. While it isn’t yet known where he will be playing for the 2023 season, fans will be excited to follow his next move and see him return to the international stage.

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