LCO side PEACE has announced today they will be forced to use subsitutes in both the top lane and the mid lane after travel restrictions. Worlds kicks off October 5 with the play-in stage.

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship is just around corner. Ahead of the draw for the play-in and the group stage, LCO side PEACE announced both Chinese players Apii and Leesa will not be attending the event. As the world continues to evolve through the COVID-19 pandemic, teams are still having difficulty getting their players to the event. In 2020, PSG Talon were unable to field multiple players and were also forced to use substitutes.

This is an extremely difficult and upsetting moment for the players on PEACE. With how strong Pentanet has been in recent times, there is no guarantee they will even make it back to the international stage in 2022. During the summer split, PEACE made waves as they swept Pentanet in the finals to reach their first World Championship.

This article will be updated once PEACE have announced who will be their replacement top laner and mid laner for Worlds. The 2021 LoL World Championship group draw kicks off today at 14:00 CEST and 8AM EST. Fans can watch the group draw over at LoL Esports on YouTube as well as they Twitch channel.

Update 22/09/2021: PEACE announces Vizicsacsi

It did not take long for PEACE to announce one of the replacements for their starting roster. European veteran Vizicsacsi will be making his way to Iceland to compete at Worlds. The legendary top lane and former EU LCS MVP will be coming out of retirement to help PEACE.

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