Wild Rift video called out for being AI-voiced until the real human voice actor responds cover image

Wild Rift video called out for being AI-voiced until the real human voice actor responds

Was this Wild Rift video using an AI voiceover? Turns out the answer was probably no, as the real voice actor makes themselves known.

A League of Legends: Wild Rift video has gone more viral than Riot Games probably wanted after allegations that the voiceover was recorded with an AI-generated voice. However, in a shocking twist, these allegations were debunked when the voice actor for the piece seemingly replied to one of the critical tweets.

The video, showcasing the addition of Sivir to Wild Rift, was quickly lampooned for the perceived low-quality of the voiceover and closed captions. The voice seemed stilted and unfamiliar with the game, while most importantly, the name Sivir was mispronounced, calling LoL’s huntress “Seeveer” or something close. 

Numerous accounts called out the seemingly AI-generated video, including prominent content creator and character design-critique guru TBSkyen. In a now-deleted post, Skyen criticized the apparent use of AI-voices in a piece of content by Riot Games, a huge game developer.

But in the ultimate Uno-reverse, the real human voice actor behind the post appeared. Christopher Marsh, a real guy, and not an AI, replied to the original Wild Rift post, before a hasty deletion. The voice actor, Marsh, explained that he received a script without seeing the video in question, and had to make a delivery based on that. The result is a voice over that sounds slightly uncanny, but isn’t AI. Unfortunately, with the deletion, Marsh’s status as the voice actor cannot be verified.

The now-deleted post (Image via Twitter)
The now-deleted post (Image via Twitter)

Perhaps the real issue here is that players frankly expect better out of Riot Games, and that any issues with janky scripts should be resolved before a video like this hits the socials. And unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any reason behind the erroneous closed captions. Overall, perhaps this is a win for Wild Rift, given this the most people in NA and EU have talked about the mobile version of League of Legends in months.

Sivir was one of the original champions of League of Legends. She joins Wild Rift for the first time today (Nov. 24).

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