Everything you need to know about Split 1 for League of Legends in 2023.

Season 13 for League of Legends is well underway, since January 10, players have been able to grind away at the new patch on their journey through the ranks! There has been plenty of changes already for 2023 with many on the way. Here is the Split 1 end date for League of Legends.

One of the biggest changes being the mid-year ranked reset. Since its introduction, ranked in League of Legends has continuously operated on a yearly basis. Players would maintain a single rank throughout the year and be rewarded accordingly at the end of the season.

In Season 13, however, the ranked season will be divided into Split 1 and Split 2. While multiple Splits have been in the game for some time, they did not impact players' ranks until now. Between Splits players will see a hard reset to their rank.

League of Legends Split 1 end date

At the time of this article, players have exactly 161 days left to earn their desired rank in Split 1. Split 1 for League of Legends ends on July 18. This will mark the halfway point in the lifespan of Season 13. The ranked reset has finally been introduced to League of Legends. The system features heavily across other esports titles, including Riot's own VALORANT.

League of Legends end of Split rewards

For the first time in League of Legends history, there will be more than one ranked skin rewarded this year.

Gone are the days of having to reach Gold to earn the Victorious skin. Now, every rank will have the chance to earn the exclusive League of Legends skin. The way it will now work is players will have to earn Split Points and have an honor level above 2. For Iron, Bronze, or Silver players, they will have to earn 1600 Split Points. If you are Gold or above, the points are significantly lower at 80.

On the end date for Split 1 in League of Legends, players will receive their Victorious skin. Players will also earn the chroma for that skin based on the rank they ended on for Split 1. Not only that, players will receive rewards based on the amount of Split Points they have.

  • 10 points - Hextech Chest
  • 40 points - Hextech Key
  • 80 points - Random Ward Skin Shard
  • 120 points - Hextech Key
  • 160 points - Victorious Maokai Emote
  • 200 points - Hextech Key
  • 240 points - K'Sante Permanent
  • 280 points - Hextech Chest
  • 320 points - Victorious Maokai Icon
  • 400 points - Mystery Emote
  • 480 points - Hextech Chest
  • 600 points - 500 Orange Essence
  • 720 points - Random S1 Eternals Capsule
  • 800 points - Masterwork Chest

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