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“WHAT WAS THAT”: Fan-made version of Season 13 cinematic impresses League of Legends community cover image

“WHAT WAS THAT”: Fan-made version of Season 13 cinematic impresses League of Legends community


The Season 13 cinematic had League of Legends fans truly disappointed. So one player took matters into their own hands.

It's safe to say that League of Legends fans were not happy with the Season 13 cinematic. After ongoing community backlash, Riot Games even offered an apology and explanation for the cinematics' drop in quality. Now, fans have released their own version in hopes of staying laughing to avoid crying.
The League of Legends community was extra-sensitive to the disappointing Season 13 cinematic due to previous feelings that Riot Games was pushing the game to the side to focus on Valorant and its upcoming fighting game. Fans responded with frustration after Brink Of Infinity's release, noticing no champions or storyline like in previous years.
Riot Games explained that there were "some unprecedented circumstances" that led to the drop in quality, including a lack of staff. They reassured fans, however, that League of Legends was still a priority and the fans still mattered. But some League of Legends players have decided to take the Season 13 cinematic into their own hands.
On Reddit, one brave League of Legends streamer shared a "budget 2023 cinematic" inspired by the the imagery in the original. It also featured the same voiceover. The simple and purposefully lazy animation had fans laughing.
One of the most iconic moments of the fan remake was the "WHAT WAS THAT" scream at the end of the video, mocking the sudden use of that audio clip in the middle of the otherwise serene cinematic. Many players have expressed that Riot Games continues to overuse that commentator line to force a feeling of hype on viewers, making it all the more humorous to add to the end of the fan remake.
Many of the comments were jokingly asking the video's creator why they reposted the Brink Of Infinity video when it's already available on YouTube. The overall consensus has been that this year's cinematic was a huge let down thanks to a lack of action and low quality footage. While Riot Games has offered an explanation, fans are still worried about the future of League of Legends esports going into 2023.
Olivia Richman
Olivia Richman
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