Carzzy discusses hard truths after Vitaltiy lose their hope for playoffs.

Vitality bot laner, Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság, sat down with after a heartbreaking three-way tiebreaker set that say them one series short of making it into the LEC 2024 Summer playoffs.

LEC ran deep into the German night as the ridiculous events of the last day of regular play, with Vitality's ADC Carzzy up into the wee hours of the night in order to fight for his team's life in the split. Carzzy was understandably heartbroken by the days events, but still took the time to talk to us about that stinging disappointment and how he wants to do better.

Carzzy unhappy with VIT performance in Summer How are you feeling coming off of that series? You've had an incredibly long fight for playoffs, where are you at?

"I feel sad since we didn't make it [into playoffs]. But we were playing like sh-- the entire split so we just simply deserve it, you know? If we played better, I would be more sad, but I just accepted it now. If we lose, we just don't deserve [to win.]"

What are the team's biggest problems?

"I mean we just don't know how to end the game or how to play from behind. The moments, the only games we can win is when we're really, really ahead with a good draft. Everything else is just kind of lost."

Is there anything you're looking forward to about the next time you'll get a chance to play on stage?

"I mean, I'm excited for my personal growth. I'm going to be a better player next year than I was this year. So, that's the only thing I'm looking forward to. I hope I will be able to carry more games."

We've heard from coaches and pro players that they feel the meta is super volatile right now. How are you enjoying it?

"I think that the meta is pretty fun because you can play a lot of stuff now. You can play a lot of champions, and it's really volatile. There are a lot of different champions and a lot of different flexes. There are a lot of fun matchups, I think it makes the game a lot more fun to watch."

Is it more fun to play as well?

"Yeah, it's more fun to play than just spamming the same three champions over and over again, like Kalist and Varus."

Riot recently announced Fearless Draft coming into the tier-one scene, how do you feel about it as a format?

"I think it's going to make the league way more interesting. The meta champs are going to be picked in the first two games and then in the third game, I feel like you have to cook from thin air. I feel like it's going to make the games more fun to watch, but I also feel it's going to make the games less good quality. Maybe it will force teams to practice a lot more stuff in scrims."

How do you think it will affect players?

"Yeah. I think it will definitely have some good sides to it. I'm not sure. For the players it will be harder because it's easier to just master certain [specific] champions. But for the viewers it's better to have wider champion variety. I'll have to see, I'm not entirely sure until I see."

If you could pick what region Arcane Season 3 focuses on, what region do you want and which champion do you want to see?

"I would like Viego. A storyline about Viego and how he ruined everything for his wife."

Sure, you want a Ruination season.

"Yeah, yeah. Ruination!"

Any last message for your fans?

"Thanks for supporting us, guys. It didn't end well, but I'm very thankful for all the [supportive messages] that you have sent me. Thank you."