Is a Tyler1 AI coaching you in-game the thing you need to hit Challenger?

American streamer, content creator, and online personality Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp announced Backseat AI. This is an in-game companion software for League of Legends.

Tyler1's Backseat AI

Tyler1 announced his new startup, Backseat AI, via a post on X. "I created Backseat AI so I can keep helping y'all be alphas EVEN WHEN I'M NOT THERE," wrote Tyler1.

The reveal video uses his voice, but Tyler1 said that "other creator AI buddies" will be coming soon to the service. It is also available in multiple languages; English, Mandarin, and Korean were shown in the video.

Backseat AI x Tyler1

According to the official website, Backseat AI is currently in very early alpha and is a work-in-progress. They also confirmed that this is approved by Riot Games and complies with their TOS. This means that Backseat AI should not be a bannable offense.

They offer two tiers, "Backseat Premium" that costs $4.99 a month. This membership will grant instant access to the software, among other things. There is a free tier, which will require players to join the waitlist. People on the free tier will be getting ads and will not have early access to new features. Nonetheless, people on this free tier will get the in-game coaching and analysis all the same.

Backseat co-founder Marcel Feldkamp also went on X to tell the story of how it was created. "Backseat and the team were inspired by Tyler's dilemma when he learned he was going to be a dad last year," said Feldkamp. "His growth was linear, tied to how much he streamed and ultimately limited by his ability to consistently create content."

He also touched on the fact that this is using AI, a heavily debated area in the online space. To this, Feldkamp says "I believe the rise of AI can be a positive force multiplier for the creator economy, if used right and built alongside creators themselves. AI unlocks the potential for products that let creators give fans more personalized and interactive experiences rather than parasocial ones."

Feldkamp thanked "early believers" in his X thread. This notably included European professional players Luka "Perkz" Perković and Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski.

Tyler1's Backseat AI is currently in alpha. Players can pay $4.99 for the membership to get instant access, or join the waitlist on the official website for free.

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