Which major region will TSM be transitioning to?

TSM will transition from the LCS into another major League of Legends region. This was confirmed in a short video from TSM owner Andy "Reginald" Dinh. This move will see TSM leave the North American franchised League after more than ten years in the region.

In a less than two-minute video on Twitter, Reginald made the announcement, stating this has been a process that has been ongoing for three years - the last time TSM hoisted their seventh LCS championship. "We have made the tough decision to start the process of transitioning to another tier one region" said Dihn.

What was absent from TSM's announcement video was the topic of NACL. While TSM's departure from the developmental league makes sense given this announcement, the only information that is available was a Tweet made from the LCS Players Association Twitter account.

A sour end to TSM's LCS tenure

Day 3 at 2018 NA LCS Regional Qualifiers in Los Angeles, California, USA on 16 September 2018.
Day 3 at 2018 NA LCS Regional Qualifiers in Los Angeles, California, USA on 16 September 2018.

TSM fans in 2016 would not have believed you if you were to tell them by 2023, they were a middle-of-the-pack side and have struggled to maintain the international standards TSM once lived and died by. And while TSM chants can still be heard, even at MSI 2023, the organization has not lived up to the passion of the fans, especially over the past couple of years. TSM finished seventh in the 2023 LCS spring split and as mentioned before is one of many LCS organizations to drop their NACL roster.

Reginald and TSM have had aspirations of hoisting an international trophy, which is echoed at the end of the video "Let's go and win a world championship".

TSM is still one of the biggest North American organizations in League of Legends history and a name that is known around the world. Since the LCS began in 2013, TSM has accumulated seven titles, more than any organization in North American LCS history while also fielding some of the biggest LCS names in history with Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg and Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng.

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