TSM FTX support Shenyi to play Academy for the time being.

TSM FTX has announced that support Wei “Shenyi” Zi-Jie has been moved down to LCS Academy as Academy support Wang “Yursan” Sheng-Yu has been promoted up.

TSM FTX’s struggles in LCS 2022 Spring

In TSM FTX’s worst start in LCS history, the longstanding org is 0-4 after two weeks and has struggled to acclimate the multi-national lineup to the stage. As a result, TSM FTX has announced that they will be subbing out Shenyi to help him get adjusted to playing in America.

“Player comfort and adaptation are core values at TSM. With this in mind, we have decided to substitute Yursan with Shenyi for the upcoming LCS Academy games.” TSM FTX wrote on the Twitter announcement, “As a recent arrival, Shenyi requires more time to adjust to NA. He will benefit from the Academy league’s environment, whilst accumulating more game time at a more comfortable pace.”

It was uncertain as to what the initial text meant. Some people assumed that TSM Academy support Yursan would be promoted to the LCS. Others took it as Shenyi playing both Academy and LCS. 

It was shortly confirmed by TSM FTX VP of Esports, Dominic Kallas, in a Discord announcement, where he clarified that Yursan would be promoted to the starting lineup.

“Due to Academy rosters being locked today we had to make a public statement. Understand everyone’s request for clarification and I’ll do a better job moving forward.” Kallas apologized on Discord.

What this means for TSM Shenyi and Yursan

Shenyi with his teammates. Photo via Riot Games/Espat.ai and Tina Jo.
Shenyi with his teammates. Photo via Riot Games/Espat.ai and Tina Jo.

Yursan joined TSM Academy ahead of the 2021 season after having spent time in the PCS with Alpha Esports. TSM retained him ahead of the 2022 season. He had the opportunity to play through the 2022 LCS Lock In Tournament as Keaiduo and Shenyi’s visa issues persisted.

TSM finished last in their group at the Lock in tournament. But the Taiwanese support will have another opportunity to showcase his talents as he joins the main roster.

TSM Yursan will make his LCS 2022 Spring Split debut in Week 3 where TSM FTX will look to grab their first win of Spring against Immortals and Cloud9.

As for Shenyi, the move down to Academy could be a good adjustment for him. The Chinese player learns to utilize his talents for playmaking supports better. Shenyi is popular for his aggressive playmaking on supports like Leona, Alistar, and most recently Rell. But the language barriers and inexperience have shown, as evident by his 1.5 KDA. 

The young talent will look to use this time on TSM Academy to hone in on his aggression so that he can come back to TSM FTX stronger than ever.

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