TSM shakeup League roster just after three weeks in the LCS summer split. All members of the spring starting roster completely changed except for Spica.

TSM have made three changes to their LCS starting roster following the decision of their top laner, Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon to step down due to persisting wrist injuries.

These changes include:

  • Cheng “S0ul” Luo- Top lane
  • Tony “Instinct” Ng- Bottom lane
  • Jonathan “Chime” Pomponio – Support

S0ul and Instinct are from the TSM Academy and will replace Huni and Tactical respectively. S0ul joined the TSM Academy last two months while Instinct has been on the roster since November 2021. The two players have no LCS stage experience and will make their debuts in Week 4 against Cloud9.

Huni has been very vocal over the last two weeks about his desire to help with pick/ban and develop Soul. We believe his knowledge and experience will help grow our young talent.

TSM General Manager, Yang “Glen” Po-Jen

Meanwhile, Chime who just left Golden Guardians will take Mia’s place in the LCS. The support player spent the last two years in Golden Guardians rotating between their Academy and LCS rosters.

TSM LCS and Academy roster. Image Credit: TSM Twitter

Furthermore, TSM have signed Andy “AnDa” Hoang and Colin “Solo” Earnest to fill the jungle and top lane roles in their Academy. Both players are no stranger to the LCS and the Academy as they’ve played with teams like FlyQuest, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Golden Guardians. They will join Mia and Tactical to help lift TSM out of the bottom of the standings in the Academy.

TSM also dropped Shenyi from their Academy team stating that the player “is becoming a liability” to the team’s development.

When Shenyi was moved to the Academy team, he became demotivated and did not meet expectations. This lack of motivation combined with the absence of shot-calling stunted the development of the Academy team as a whole. Instead of waiting until the end of summer, we thought it would be best to make the necessary changes now so we can properly evaluate our junior academy players going into the next offseason.

Yang “Glen” Po-Jen

TSM’s LCS summer split so far

TSM’s changes may not come as a shock to many fans as the team has struggled to maintain consistency in the summer split. The team have only won two of the seven games played and ranks second to last in the LCS standings. Their win against TL brought back hope but they’ve not won any games since then. With almost half of the split gone, TSM must find wins if they are to avoid another split without playoffs qualification.

Additionally, even though Huni is out of the LCS roster, he will remain on TSM while he explores his future. He will also assist the coaching staff for the remainder of the split.

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