TSM’s Chime wants to prove to everyone why he is a top support player in the LCS.

The LCS is currently in its fourth week of regular season action with fans being treated to 'super week' which is an additional day of play. TSM will be looking to bounce back from the defeat they had on Golden Guardians last night.

TSM is currently in a four-way tie with Golden Guardians, Team Liquid, and Counter Logic Gaming at 3-4. The seven-time LCS champions does however own the head-to-head advantage over TL and CLG. One of the catalysts for TSM's victories this season have been Jonathan "Chime" Pomponio. The North American support has been one of the fan favorites since his introduction to the organization in 2022.

Esports.gg had the opportunity to speak to TSM Chime in an exclusive interview.

Chimes personal goals for the split

Image courtesy of LCS
Image courtesy of LCS

Chime was thrown into a situation that is difficult for any player. The North American support joined TSM mid-way through the summer split to stabilize a turmoil roster. And stabilize they did. Chime and the rest of TSM were able to put together a respectable end to the season - pushing the Spring champions Evil Geniuses to their limit in the lower bracket of the LCS Championship.

Chime's strong performances last season had won over the TSM faithful, the roster was finally getting the stability it needed. On top of that, Chime was a player that deserved to play in the LCS. With his LCS career finally up and running, Chime has steep expectations for himself, this is the confidence you need if you are to play for the biggest organization in the LCS.

"I've been happy with my growth and performance thus far this split, but there is always room for improvement [...] my ambition for myself is to show that I am a top three support in the LCS this split."

"For this roster, I think we can make it very far but we have a lot of work to do" - TSM Chime

Image courtesy of LCS
Image courtesy of LCS

TSM is certainly exceeding the extremely low expectations set by the majority of analysts. Many had this roster as the ninth or tenth-place team in the league. As of right now, it is definitely not looking likely TSM will finish in the bottom two. TSM has had mixed results in the LCS thus far, with two solid comeback victories over IMT and TL, followed by a convincing victory over their longest-standing rivals in CLG.

TSM are not the finished article by any means, but where they have been solid is in their understanding of the basics. Their early game against Cloud9 for example, TSM were able to garner an almost 2k gold lead simply from being able to realise C9 were in vulnerable positions. This may not earn you wins against the creme de le creme, but it certainly showcases more promise than a team who was projected to be in last place. TSM fans should not expect to see this roster at the bottom of the standings.

Chime understandably has a lot of faith in this TSM roster. According to Chime, they have been performing well in scrims. And while scrims are meaningless if you can't turn them into results in the long-term, they are the foundations for the teams confidence.

"I think we started the split strong as a team [...] for this roster, I think we can make it very far but we have a lot of work to do. Our coach had a great speech after week two about how we need to learn to take losses better as learning opportunities, since we were winning a lot in scrims and results affected our team environment too much."

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