The team had to overcome some difficulties in the decisive match.

While the Play-In Stage of the Mid-Season Invitational 2024 (MSI) continues, two teams can already celebrate their success and get prepared for matches of the Main Stage. Top Esports is one of them. The Chinese players looked confident in Group B, and only the second opponent created some nervousness in the decisive match of the upper bracket.

Top Esports in the MSI 2024 Play-In Stage

The team really had to fight its way to the MSI 2024 Bracket Stage. Top Esports did that effectively and impressively.

It took Top Esports two intense but pretty successful games to defeat the Brazilian team LOUD in the Semi-Final. LOUD had a small advantage in the beginning of Game 1, but after a few mass team fights, Top Esports started gaining momentum. Being strongly down in terms of kills, LOUD still resisted stubbornly. It took some time for Top Esports to destroy the Nexus.

In Game 2, the Top Esports players were simply better. It looked like they overskilled their opponents in many small situations and then won the match on the peak of power.

The upper bracket final against the European team Fnatic was back and forth. Top Esports confidently won Game 1. Still, Fnatic players were dominant in Game 2. Fnatic got a super early advantage in Game 3, but then Top Esports performed some amazing team fights, earned gold, and won the match.

Top Esports won Mid-Season Cup 2020, and the team was 3rd to 4th place at Worlds 2020. It’s certainly interesting to follow their Main Stage run in 2024.

Top Esports’ run in Play-In Stage Group B (Image via LoL Esports)
Top Esports’ run in Play-In Stage Group B (Image via LoL Esports)

T1 qualify for the Bracket Stage

The other team that qualified from the upper brackets is T1. The defending champions made it from Group A of MSI 2024 without losing any games in two matches.

In the Semi-Final, T1 played against Estral Esports from Mexico. The opponents had some good moments, but their hopes were eventually destroyed by T1’s patient and strategic style. The Final in the upper bracket went by quickly for T1. The team won Game 1 vs FlyQuest from the U.S. for just 17 and a half minutes! Additionally, however hard FlyQuest tried in Game 2, they had no chance in this match.

Two more teams will qualify for the MSI 2024 Bracket Stage through the lower brackets. Stick around on for information from these other tournaments!

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