The new LoL Champion Briar is hangry and ready for more cover image

The new LoL Champion Briar is hangry and ready for more

When a Snickers bar just isn’t enough, the new LoL Champion Briar reaches for blood, blood, and blood. Let’s look at abilities and more.

Look, we all do things we regret when we're hungry. And there's only so many times I can apologize to the manager of that McDonald's after he made me wait 30 minutes for nuggets. In the case of the new and upcoming LoL Champion Briar, you absolute won't like her if she's hangry and you're on the other team.

Announced for release with the upcoming patch 13.18 on Sept. 13, Briar is the third new League of Legends Champion in 2023. And if you're wondering what this blood magic-infused spooky girl is all about, look no further for hints than the metal stocks securing her arms and head. The new cinematic confirms: Oh oh, here she comes; Look out boy, she'll chew you up--She's a maaaaaneaaaaater.

When does the new LoL Champion Briar release?

With the looks of your favorite waifu but the bloodlust of a demon, the new LoL Champion Briar is equal parts cute and terrifying. While her release date with patch 13.18 on Sept. 13 is a few weeks off, Riot has given a significant look into the new character's design philosophy.

“It’s kind of subtle, but with Briar’s shape, I wanted to give her thicker legs and bottom-half with a more petite upper body, The idea here is that if she’s actually made from blood magic or living blood, she should be a little bit more bottom-heavy like an I.V. bag or the shape of a droplet of blood,” said lead concept artist Sunny Pandita.

And for those of you playing along at home, the reason for that bottom-heaviness is body horror physiology. Blood tends to sag and gather at the lowest places. So, no: She's not just thicc to sell skins. Our newfound blood magic girly just can't stop slurping folks like they're Starbucks Pink Drink.

What are Briar's abilities in League of Legends?

The new LoL Champion Briar and her kit are all about a loss of control. Being a dive Champion on a short fuse and leash, Briar will only heal from doing damage and possesses zero passive health regen. Likewise, as her HP goes down she also does more self-healing. Let's look at her kit below.

  • Passive: Crimson Curse

Briar’s attacks and abilities apply a stacking bleed that heals her for a portion of the damage dealt. Perpetually hungry, she gains increased healing based on her missing health but lacks innate health regeneration.

  • Q: Head Rush

Briar leaps to a unit dealing damage as well as stunning them and breaking their armor.

Briar will stop prioritizing enemy Champions if she casts this ability on a minion or monster during the effects of Blood Frenzy.

  • W: Blood Frenzy/Snack Attack

Briar leaps forward and shatters her pillory, entering a Blood Frenzy that causes her to relentlessly pursue the nearest enemy (prioritizing champions). While frenzied she gains increased Attack Speed and Move Speed and her attacks deal damage in an area around her target.

Briar can reactivate this ability while frenzied to take a CHOMP out of her target on the next attack, dealing additional damage based on their missing health and healing her based on the damage dealt.

  • E: Chilling Scream

Briar refocuses her mind, removing Blood Frenzy and channeling energy into a powerful scream that damages and slows enemies.

While charging she takes reduced damage and heals for a portion of her max health. A fully charged scream knocks back, dealing additional damage and stunning enemies that hit a wall.

  • R: Certain Death

Briar kicks a hemolith, marking the first champion hit as her prey. She then belines straight to them, fearing other surrounding enemies on arrival, and enters a state of complete hematomania.

She will pursue her prey until one of them dies, gaining the effects of Blood Frenzy as well as additional Armor, Magic Resist, Lifesteal, and Move Speed.

Hope you enjoy dodging a blood-hangry psychopath lolita. Which is to say, this is every time I've been to a Hot Topic in the past decade. While the new LoL Champion Briar won't be available for Worlds, you'll see her pop up on her Sept. 13 release date.

Man, now I want a Snickers bar.

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