The blind monk is getting a new look, and we think he’s rocking it.

Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, is one of League of Legends' oldest characters. The new Lee Sin rework on his visuals finally brings him in line with the rest of the roster. Here's everything you need to know about the new Lee Sin.

Lee Sin is one of the game's most iconic characters. The blind martial arts expert has an incredibly skill-intensive kit that has aged surprisingly well over the years. However, his in-game model and effects have fallen behind the curve of what Riot wants for their AAA game. The Lee Sin Aesthetics Sustainability Update (ASU) has hit the public beta environment (PBE) to help him fit in with the rest of the cast.

Lee Sin ASU hits PBE

The Lee Sin visual rework hit the PBE on April 16, featuring overhauls to all of his skins and visual effects. His kit remains entirely unchanged, unlike visual gameplay updates, serving as a beacon of design that has aged well even alongside modern champions. He keeps his core visual identity, but with much crisper textures and animations.

Lee Sin now much more closely resembles the aesthetic of fellow Ionian champions, with his robes and garb all keying into the Ionian visual identity. Several of his skins have been upgraded, moving up to Epic and Prestige. This is a great value proposition for Lee Sin players who already have the skins. Fans who want some free value can purchase Traditional Lee Sin, now a Deluxe skin, or Dragon Fist, now Epic. The skin price won't change ahead of Lee Sin's release, so fans can get a bit of bang for their buck there.

Lee Sin should launch on League of Legends' live servers on patch 14.9, which is slated to drop on April 24. The next champion on the ASU schedule is Teemo, which Riot has previewed some early concept art and skin adaptations of. Teemo should arrive later this year, likely in the latter half.

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