Riots’ new song, “Enemy” is set to release on October 28 at 4am PST as excitement grows for Riot’s Netflix series, “Arcane”,

The highly anticipated League of Legends Netflix show, Arcane, is just two weeks away from premiering. And what better way to build up excitement than a new song for the series as Riot Games teases a new song titled, “Enemy” in a short 15-second trailer.

The video showcases a viewing of a young Jinx, who is seen sitting, playing with a wind-up monkey (the same one featured in her “Get Jinxed” music video. With anguish, she watches as the toy springs to life and begins to walk away from her. 

Fortiche Production, a popular Paris-based animation studio, was also seen credited at the beginning of the video. This is just another project added to the companies growing portfolio of Riot Games content. The studio has worked on creating various League cinematics such as, “Get Jinxed”, the “POP/STARS” music video, “RISE” music video, Ekko’s “Seconds” Cinematic, the “Warriors” cinematic in 2014, and most recently, production for Arcane.

Now, they look to display their animation talents for Riot’s new song Enemy for the Netflix Arcane series.

The Artists behind Riot’s new song Enemy

Imagine Dragons are a familiar name to the League of Legends community. The indie-rock band is responsible for creating the 2014 LoL World Championship theme song, “Warriors”. Since then, the track has gone on to become a popular song in media and the LoL community. As of writing, the Worlds track is the most viewed World Championship theme with 335 million views and counting. As the Imagine Dragons make a return to the League of Legends soundtrack, they are not alone for “Enemy”.

Jinx, a character in the Netflix series, Arcane is pictured above.
Jinx, a character in the Netflix series, Arcane is pictured above.

Imagine Dragons are joined by rapper, JID on the track. The 30-year-old rapper is currently signed to J.Cole’s Dreamville Records as he makes his debut in Riot’s new show.

Aside from his project with Imagine Dragons, JID is also working on his new album, The Forever Story. JID’s new album is set for a release date sometime in late-2021.

Stay tuned for Riot’s official track drop on Thursday, October 28 at 4am PT. Until then, make sure to stay posted to for the latest League of Legends news and updates, as well as coverage from Worlds 2021.

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